Why Are My Fingers Swelling Because Of My Ring?

Why Are My Fingers Swelling Because Of My Ring?

Unlike generally thought, swollen fingers due to tight ring is a major cause for concern.  Don’t shrug it off. Find out the seven major causes why your fingers swell up. Is it because of your ring? Find out the truth from experts below!

7 Causes of Fingers Swelling Due to Your Ring

Primarily swelling is seen where tissues or cells are constricted from blood flow. It would lead to inflammations and this can make your fingers swollen up. I am going to list all the major causes of fingers swelling because of your ring below. Check if any of it applies to your swollen fingers.

·      New Ring

Did you just get a new ring? New rings can often make your fingers swollen up. If that’s so, you don’t have to fret too much, the culprit is your new ring. Check if the metal is personally allergic to you. If not, proceed to the rest to find your answer.

·      Is it too hot today?

If the temperature is too hot, small blood vessels in the fingers expand to make your ring tighter than it really is. Observe the swollen finger throughout the day. If it gets tighter towards noon, you need to take off the ring at this time or go for half a size bigger.

·      Ring is too tight

Is your ring too tight? Sudden Weight Gain can make your ring too tight. If this is you, go for a higher size of ring to be comfortable.  In case of doubts, take a tape and measure your fingers if you’re getting inflammations.

·      High salt in the body

Are you eating a lot of potato chips? Perhaps that’s the culprit behind your sudden tightness in the fingers. High sodium content in the body can lead to swollen palms and foot.

·      Exercise

Have you been working out lately? Then, the reason you’re getting swollen fingers might be your workout. It works just as heat. Your blood vessels expand upon heat, making your fingers look broad. Tone down the work out or don’t wear your ring soon after working out.

·      Arthritis

Often a condition called the Rheumatoid arthritis can make your joints and fingers swollen around the ring. An age-related condition, RA symptoms show up on both the hands. Another skin condition called psoriasis adds to a type of arthritis called Psoriatic arthritis.  

·      Miscellaneous

There are many conditions and disorders that can add to swollen fingers. If you’ve ruled out all the above, the next to look into is Lymphedema where the lymphatic nodes are swollen. Blood doesn’t reach your hands in case of Raynaud’s disease and you might feel swollen fingers if you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

What to do when Fingers Swell Due to your engagement Ring

A common problem for all of us who wear the engagement ring all the time, you need to know the reasons that add to your swollen fingers in order to resolve it. Below are resolutions to relieve your swollen fingers or ones stuck with a tight ring. It should be easy, but if things get complicated, it is best to go to emergency services and get the ring removed at first priority.

·      Soak finger in cold water

One of the best ways to soften your tight fingers is by immersing it in cold water. While hot water will expand the blood vessels, cold water shrinks it. Soaking your tight finger in the cold water for ten minutes will give you the breathing space to remove the ring from the swollen finger.

·      Hold your hands straight

Another little-known way is to hold your hand straight so blood can flow, making your swollen fingers light.

·      Add olive oil to the swollen fingers

You can also use coconut oil all over the swollen finger as it has anti-inflammatory effects. Just rub it all over and pull the ring down the swollen finger easily.

·      Use Soap on your fingers

Conventional and often the first step of most people, you can also cover your swollen finger in soap lather or foam. It will loosen the fingers and help you sneak the ring out.

How to Remove a Ring Stuck on your Finger?

Found no other way? We have an innovative way to help you pull the ring out of your swollen fingers.

This video can help you out!


Before you go …

Still stuck with the ring on your finger? Now that we’ve exhausted all the DIY at home remedies, it is time to go to the doctor and get a medical opinion. Don’t let the pettiness of the matter fool you. Stuck rings can be threatening to your fingers. There are even cases of amputating the finger, so go ahead and seek diagnosis when you can. Got it?

Ask your doubts below and our expert will get back to you ASAP!

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