Why are my Fingers Swelling from Engagement ring?

Why are my Fingers Swelling from Engagement ring?

This is one of the direct quotes of the things I hear from subscribers- “ I got my engagement ring in the mail today. I proposed my girlfriend and she is so happy. It fits perfectly. But, within one day, her fingers started swelling and she is trying her best to take it off now. I don’t know what to do. Is this allergy to the metal or something? She has lots of allergies and she believes it is the same flare. Please help”. So, without much delay lets get into why are your fingers swelling from engagement rings in detail.

Symptoms of Fingers Swelling from Engagement Rings?

When your fingers swollen up due to engagement rings, you must look out for Discoloration of skin around the ring. Go to a doctor if you see this. Do not try to rub over sensitive skin as it can tear due to the inflammation.

Another sign of poor rings causing swollen fingers is the Enlarged Knuckles. Is that happening with you? Tell your doctor if the swelling doesn’t disappear in a day.  

Why is your Finger Swelling from Engagement Ring?

Now that you know how to diagnose a swollen finger, next step is to find out what caused it. Our experts have come across many people going through the problem of swollen fingers. That’s why, we have created a list of causes observed from our subscribers.

·      Does the ring fit you properly?

If the ring is too tight, it can stop the flow of blood and create inflammations around. If you have a tight ring, do not wear it. Take it off. Wearing poor size ring can lead to ring avulsion too. Read more about the dangerous cause of ring avulsions here.

·      Is it really REALLY hot outside?

During hot weather our blood vessels expand, showing up as inflammations. But, when it is cold weather, the blood vessels shrink and make the ring loose. Many people have lost their rings in winter. However, in hot summers, your fingers can swell up. The best solution is to wear it after the season passes to prevent swollen fingers.

·      Have you been eating too much salt?

Another reason of swollen fingers is if you had too much salt during the day. Do you know most people’s fingers actually swell at night? It is even best to skip salt altogether when you’re going to get your ring resized. Is this you?

·      Can you be Allergic to the Metal or Alloys?

If you’re allergic to copper, rose gold is not a good option for you. The same way, if there are any alloys or precious noble metals you’re allergic to, let the jeweler know. If you’re unsure, go to a doctor and get the item checked for the presence of metals or do an allergy panel test!

·      Do you suffer from Arthritis?

A little known reason why rings can swell up is because of osteoarthritis. It can cause inflammations in the hands. If you’re pregnant too, chances are your fingers will swell up. Take the ring off during the time. Rheumatoid arthritis can also add to swollen fingers rather than the engagement ring. The disease attacks the lining of the joints to create inflammations.

·      Can any Health Reasons add to it?

There are many health problems such as Raynaud’s disease (discoloration of hand) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (tingles in the hand) that can add to swollen fingers. That’s because these are nerve disorders that affect your hand, primarily. Preeclampsia for expecting mom’s is a problem too. Edema and escaped lymphatic fluid can also lead to inflammations.

·      Did you over-exhaust or over-exercise?

Another reason why your ring finger is swollen might be because of exhaustion. When your kidney is weak, and you exercise, it can take a toll. Exercise increases the body temperature and it is advised to take off your engagement ring during exercise.

·      Is it right to say you might’ve gained weight?

A clear and obvious reason must be because of weight gain. Check the weighing scale than assuming your weight because I did this mistake and the ring because tight on my fingers within a few months. Don’t do the same mistake!

What do you when your fingers are swelling because of Engagement rings?

Why are my Fingers Swelling from Engagement ring?

You have to remove it. But, how? That’s what, we are going to find out below.

  • Cold Water

The first best method to take the ring off when your fingers are swollen is by immersing the finger in cold water. This will shrink the blood vessels and loosen the ring on the swollen finger.

  • Avoid Water Retaining Foods

IF you’ve been eating soda and salt foods that retain water such as chips, stop it. This is adding to the finger getting bigger and bigger. Instead, drink more water to eject the water retention in the body.

  • Soap or Oil to Remove

You can also rub the soap or oil to remove the ring from a swollen finger. Soap and oil can be both rubbed on the swollen finger to smoothen the movement of the ring.

  • Doctor or Professional Help

If all else fails and it’s tough to remove it, go seek medical help. No questions asked because ring avulsion is not good.

  • Go to a Jeweler

You can also seek the help of a jeweler because they see this almost all the time. They will have some sort of solution for you, ready.  

Before you go …

Have you found out why your fingers are swelling? Is it due to the engagement ring? If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask it below!

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