Why do People Like Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is the next big thing in Engagement Rings in 2018. It is called the space stone by many and better than diamond by others. Cheaper than diamond, moissanite also has diverse history from earth to stars. It is a stone of several mysteries and today we are going to uncover the value of moissanite engagement rings for brides of today.

Do people wear moissanites? How good are moissanites against diamonds for engagement rings? Get all your questions answered in wink by experts in this 5 minute read below.

What is a Moissanite

Discovered in the late 19th century by Henry Moissan, Moissanite looks like a diamond, with a shine better than a diamond.

Popular as Space Diamonds, Moissanite is even equal in hardness to diamond. It is a beautiful gemstone second only to diamonds in hardness, yet more brilliant than a diamond. Fancier than its features is the discovery of the gemstone moissanite was discovered beside a crater older than 50,000 years!

Moissanite is America’s own gemstone as it was discovered just a century ago in Arizona. Since last year, moissanites are gaining popularity amongst brides-to-be. It is a cheaper alternative diamonds with more play of fire than any natural gemstone you will ever see.

7 Reasons Why Must Pick Pink Moissanite Engagement Rings

Why do People Like Moissanite Engagement Rings

With most jewelers confessing having sold more moissanite rings for brides in the past year, than diamond rings, Moissanite is the next big thing in wedding rings. Are you familiar with the best benefits of choosing moissanite engagement rings? Jump on the wagon and we will teach you all about moissanite for engagement rings. It’s worth learning about because most jewelers say moissanite has changed the style and growth of engagement ring stones too!

1.      Just like Diamond Certification

You might think the best thing about diamonds is its value asserted by gemologists. Be surprised because moissanite has the same parameters for certification like diamonds. You will find GIA and IGL certificates and moissanite reports. Hence, moissanite is equally credible in value, even though it is priced lower than diamonds.

The grading system for Moissanite is Colourless (D,E,F), Nearly Colourless (G,H,I) and Faintly Coloured (J,K).

2.      Hard as a Diamond

We all grew up learning diamond is the hardest stone. Besides cubic zirconias that are more durable than diamond, moissanite also shows high hardness. At 9.25 to 9.5, moissanite is almost equal in hardness to a diamond.

While most expensive gemstones including ruby and emerald or spinel are softer than moissanite beats the competition with high durability, best for everyday wear. You cannot scratch a moissanite, unless with a real diamond!

3.      Fierier than a Diamond

Most stone lovers hail diamond high because of its firey brilliance. But, now moissanite shows up to twice the brilliance of diamonds. This way, your centerstone will glitter and shine fierier than any stone on earth.

Available in multiple colors, moissanite promises more than the diamond shine. Moissanite can change colors under different lights. Moreover, it will revert to the original shade once soaked in water.

4.      Colorful Shine of Moissanite Engagement Rings

Brides are infusing the touch of moissanite into their engagement jewelry because of its 18% higher luster than diamonds. Simply put, it is brighter than the biggest diamond rock you’ve invested in. The moisannite gemstone even changes color upon ornamental work.

5.      Resistance to Damage

As moissanite is hard as a diamond, it is also scratch resistant. Moreover, being harder than quartz makes it resistant to tarnish due to the quartz dust in the air. Your moissanite will remain bright and shiny throughout its life as it is highly durable too.

6.      Available in most Cuts

Just like diamonds, moissanite is available in a wide variety of cuts from Asscher to Princess, cushion and Bevels of all kinds. You can get your engagement ring made with centerstone of moissanite if you’re looking for smartest ways to cut costs.  Popular moissanite cuts for engagement rings are oval cut, radiant cut, pear cut, emerald and brilliant cuts.

7.      Cheaper

Unlike diamonds, moissanites are affordable and wallet-friendly. You can even save up for your life together after marriage than spending your life savings on a rock and starting at the bottom of the ladder after marriage. As you can get a moissanite ring for a few hundred dollars unlike the thousands in a diamond ring, there are huge savings in choosing moissanites as engagement rings.

Before you go ….

Are you clear about moissanites? They are taking the jewelry market around the world like a storm because, unlike other stones moissanites are cheaper than diamonds and equally durable as well as brilliant. Why won’t you pick moissanite and save your savings than investing it all on a diamond?

Have you used moissanite centerstone in your wedding or engagement ring? Tell us in the comments below and help fellow shoppers!MMMMM

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