Why Does Gold Ring Turn Your Finger Black?

Why Does Gold Ring Turn Your Finger Black?

While most people consider a gold and silver fake when their finger starts to change the color into black or green. There are many chemical reactions and the presence of alloys that can make gold ring turn your finger black. It is not your fault, nor is it the jewel’s fault. I have added the causes and remedies to wear the gold ring that turns your finger green or black.

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Why does my gold ring turn my finger black?

I get asked this question from almost all people, regardless of their gender or metal they wear. It is always a hassle to get it clearly explained in an elevator pitch. When the outerlayer of the gold starts eroding leaving away black dust that gets deposited on your fingers. This post is for all those of you who are wondering why your gold ring is turning your finger black.

Chemicals in Makeup, Moisturizer, Cleaning, Cooking

Do you know there are harsher chemicals in your makeup or lotion than the metal you’re wearing? With time, these chemicals can gnaw away the metal itself. Do not wear your ring while putting on makeup or moisturizer. Always take it off and store it safely. The main chemicals that result in blackening of fingers in cosmetics is zinc oxide, calamine, ferric oxide and titanium oxide.

Strong Reaction to Chlorine

Both silver and gold can be damaged by Chlorine. If you are a regular swimmer who never takes the gold engagement ring off your fingers, the chlorine might be chewing away your gold. From next time, take of your ring and keep it securely before taking a dive.

Copper and Nickel Allergy

Every precious metal used for jewelry is mixed with alloys. Gold can range from 50% to 91.6% while the best purity of silver is 92.5% and Platinum 95%. To make up for 100%, alloys are added that make the base metal hard. If you’re allergic to nickel or copper, the presence of these alloys can make your finger black.

14K Rose Gold Can Turn your Finger Black

With the lessening purity of the Gold, the presence of alloys can increase, making it more susceptible to allergies. 14K Rose gold is made with copper and hence one who is allergic to copper can get this allergy easily, turning their finger black.

Corrosion can cause your gold ring to turn your finger black

Another reason why your golden ring is turning your finger black is because of rust. When alloys come in contact with moisture and oxygen, rust can occur. The eroding of this rust is seen as black color on your fingers. Got it? Clean your ring right away and read the below remedies ASAP!

How to Prevent your Gold Ring from Turning your Finger BLACK?

Gold rings are gorgeous. But when they start to radiate black dust that looks toxic on your fingers, it’s no longer pretty. Now, you know why the golden ring turns your finger black, but do you know what you can do to protect yourself against it?

Before we begin, if your finger is already black, rub it with a dab of coconut oil and rinse it under warm water. Once the black ring has disappeared from the finger, go for the following remedies.

Apply a Nail Polish Coat

The best option to apply a thin coat of transparent nail polish over your ring. This will prevent the black rust from getting to your skin. It will prevent rusting altogether by preventing air from contacting the metals!

Take it off when going for a Swim

Whenever you’re going for a swim, take off your ring. The chlorine in the water can eat the gold away. It is best to take it off and store it in your ring box until your clean and dry off chlorine.

Do not wear the Ring when applying makeup

When you’re getting ready, create an organized makeup routine. Wear the jewelry at last once your makeup is set. Or, go for organic cosmetics that do not react with gold. Take off your ring when you’re applying moisturizer.

Find out if you’re Allergic to Alloys

Are you allergic to copper? Perhaps its nickel that is making you flare up. Whatever be the chemical, find your allergy and ask the jewelry about the alloys when you shop too!

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Found the answers you were looking for? It is perfectly common to see the black ring due to a gold ring on your finger. Don’ freak out. Your gold is solid and precious!

Ask your questions in the comments below and I will explain all your doubts.

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