Why Is It Best To Choose Your Engagement Ring Together?

Why Is It Best To Choose Your Engagement Ring Together?

Once a wise man who was looking for the perfect engagement ring for a fortnight without sleep said -Two Pair of Eyes is Better than One. And, he’s right. If you’re in that phase where you’re trying to surprise your girlfriend with a proposal and a ring she has to live with, you might want to take a pause. It’s going to be more of a shock than surprise, let me tell you.

One the other hand, if you choose your engagement ring together, you can extend your lifespan by a few years for all the sweat you saved by not sweating buying it one your own!

Why Choose your Engagement Ring Together?

Men spend over 3-months just deciding on the ring they want. In that three months, many major decisions about the color, design and style are discussed. Often, men end up nodding to the questions without deep thought because they don’t want the women want. Only the woman knows her style. So, before you make this rookie mistake, I’d like to suggest the advantages and benefits of deciding to choose your engagement ring together!  

1.    No Stress; Choose Wisely

First things first. Do you know how much stress is generated during engagement ring shopping? You are trying to upgrade your relationship to the next level, but you have no idea how right or wrong you are. The stress of taking a hundred decisions on the size of the diamond to the prongs, settings, cut and clarity can madden one person trying to guess what the other wants.

Instead, go shopping for your engagement ring together. You don’t have to worry what she likes and you can choose the right ring together, sans any conflicts or arguments.

2.    Decide on the Diamond 4Cs Unanimously

Do you know what size of diamond looks good on her fingers? Perhaps you know the perfect color that will complement her complexion. How clear does she want the diamond? Can it have inclusions?

If you’re looking sideways, going solo shopping for engagement ring might break your bond. Instead, ask her to accompany you when you go ring shopping and let her design the color of the center stone to carat size. Moreover, women even know more about diamond technicalities and 4Cs. Unless you’ve learned it all and know her wants, ask her to come with you!  

3.    Find the Design that You Both Agree on

Going engagement ring shopping together helps you find rings that both of you like. Both of you will get heard. She will feel empowered and wouldn’t have to live her whole life with a jewelry she despises. Imagine the stress and pressure of passing every day wearing horrible ring that makes you uneasy through your life. Instead, buying rings that you both like will strengthen your bond deeper.

4.    Perfect Fit and No Resizing Hassles

When you’re going engagement ring shopping alone, you have to guess her ring size. Or, if you’re smart you have already got her perfect size using a twine and ruler. I am hoping the surprise is still hidden!

But, you can forget months of planning like that if you just ask her to come. Even if you know her size, how do you know what size of band is comfortable for her fingers? That’s why, go shopping together.

5.    Live with a Ring you Chose

It’s hard to wear a jewelry you don’t like. It doesn’t blend well with your personality or clothes. What do you do then? If she hasn’t rejected it, you have to find a new ring. Imagine all the new expense you have to save up for. It’s a hassle, period.

6.    Budget can be Split or Extended

When she is shopping with you for the ring, you can decide on a sensible budget. You don’t have to overspend. And, because she knows this is for the engagement ring, you might even get her support. Many couples split the bill, today!

7.    Your First Big Spent Together

This is your first big bill. Do you want to do it alone? What if she says you overspent later? Do you have to save for a house? That’s why, just ask her to come with you!

Before you go …

You are a couple who are deciding to spend the rest of the life together. Why do you have to take such a big decision alone? It defeats the idea of marriage and your union, come to think of it. When you decide to choose the ring together, you already know she is going to say yes. Even then, such a big decision together gives you time to think over such a big decision than be shocked at all!

Say yes together. Choose your engagement ring together!

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