Your Guide For Selecting the Perfect Wedding Rings: Men and Women

Wedding Rings are special, unique and once in a Marriage affair. From selecting a ring that symbolizes your love to, one that resonates with the preferences of your beloved, wedding ring is a truly remarkable and eternal souvenir.

The Legend of Wearing Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring was commonly worn on the Left hand to Signify the Vein of Love or Vena Amoris as well as the placement of heart on the left. The direct connection of wedding ring is important even now, as we select wedding ring styles based on epitomizing the unique love you feel for your beloved.

How to wear a wedding Ring

Depending on your ideologies, religion and spiritual interests or simply choice, you can wear the engagement ring with the wedding band on left or right hand, on the fourth finger named Ring Finger.

While Catholics wear Ring finger on the right hand, Protestants wear it on the left. Even more interesting is a European custom, where the ring is worn on the left hand prior to marriage and moved to the right hand after marriage.

What should You Lookout for in a Wedding ring: If you’re a woman

If you’re a man looking for an engagement ring to propose your woman or you’re a woman looking for the perfect wedding ring description to give your boyfriend, the facts below will enlighten you!

Depending on your subjective tastes, spanning from classic to gaudy, vintage, modern or simple, you should pick a ring that resonates with your life and love.

·         Width

For plain wedding rings, the wedding band should not increase a width of more than 5mm. Typical wedding bands are 2mm to 3.5 mm wide and the edges decide the comfortable fit of your engagement trinket.

·         Metal Choice

From choosing a ring and band with or without stones to weeding out the metals your Lady Love is allergic to, there are many parameters to choose a fitting metal for a wedding. A few popular choices are Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, Palladium or Sterling Silver.

·         Budget

The focal point of a wedding budget to choose sapphire or diamond depends on your budget. If you’re extravagant on your wedding rings and bands, you will have a lifetime of the priceless jewel to symbolize it. Consult a jewelry expert with your budget prior to finalizing your buy.

·         Preference

Depending on your interests and comfort, you must choose a permanent finger to wear the wedding ring. Moreover, if you’re prone to strenuous work with your fingers, your ring may be exposed to heightened wear and tear. In such a case, harder metals and centre stone is required with a comfort fit.

Furthermore, feminine rings can have softly shaded gemstones such as Rose Quartz, Ruby, Garnet, Amethyst or Moonstone too.

Best Feminine Styles to Get your Wedding Ring in

Diamonds are known as girl’s best Friends for a reason. Perhaps the first ever engagement ring was made at the request of a fair young maiden in love!

If you’re done with your engagement ring budget and preferences, next most important thing to consider is your style. There are two types of basic styles: custom-Made and Ready Made. If you’re not much of a jewelry sculptor, custom made options may not be right for you and going for a traditional or contrasting symbol that epitomizes your love will do the magic!

·         Shared Prongs

With its centripetal force on the brilliance of your diamond or the setting that sparkles it the best, shared prongs maximize the reflection of light and sparkle too.

·         Eternity Ring

An unbroken string of diamonds signifies Eternity Engagement or wedding rings. As diamonds are forever, eternity ring in its rounded shape and pattern is a symbol of unending love in maximum brilliance.

·         Claddagh Ring

Represented by two hands holding a crowned heart, Claddagh ring is an Irish Traditional Wedding Ring symbolizing everlasting love -by the heart and loyalty– by the crown.  From diamond to gemstones, there are many brilliant ways to substitute your centre stone on a Claddagh Ring.

·         French Pave

A pattern in which the diamonds are in an accent setting to maximize the light that falls on it. The uniqueness of the style is that the diamonds and enveloped inside a fishtail or ‘U’ fashion to project maximum feast to the eye due to the reflection of light in the gemstone.

·         Three Stone

A perfect symbol of marital bliss and love Three Stone Engagement Rings stand for ‘Past, Present and Future’ together as a couple when worn as an engagement ring.

·         Solitaire

Any ring holding one centre stone represents a solitaire, more commonly referred to as ‘I Love You’.  The best engagement rings in the market for women are all stand alone centre stones made from diamond or other precious gemstones, representing the divine commitment in a marriage.

·         Vintage

Yet another prominent category of wedding rings is made in Vintage Fashion. If you have a family heirloom making the rounds, grab it and propose your Lady Love! Older engagement styles can be found amongst the zillions of cultures all around the world.

·         Nature

One of the best nature inspired wedding rings is made in the shape of one’s favorite fruit to match with the partner’s ring. From the delicate structure of leaves to flowers, Maximizing the organic products can help you customize your idea easily too.

·         Classic

Classic designs are for ladies with an elegant and simple yet bold palette. Classic Engagement Rings are seen in Cathedral Style, Hazeline Solitaire, Avens, Round-Cut, Petite, Emerald Cut, ‘Destinee’, Cushion-cut, Cascade and Crown Halo.

·         Gemstone

Yet another brilliant category of engagement rings can be found with Crystal Centre stones. Moreover, when you select a powerful healing crystal such as rose quartz or Amethyst for your engagement ring, you can save up thousands on Wedding budget and yet soak in the crystal power that will keep you together in love forever.

What should You Lookout in a Wedding ring: If you’re a man

From Mojave to Matte, there are countless men’s Wedding Ring Styles, if you did not know earlier. Impregnating the masculine hue to a wedding ring is not impossible as most stones are masculine (Opaque Stones are Masculine or Yang, Transparent Stones are Feminine or Yin).

·         Width and Edges

Unlike women’s fingers, most men’s Wedding Rings are made in a higher width of 5mm and above.  For comfort, you need to select a ring with rounded edges while non-curved edges are also much in fashion.

·         Metal Choice

It is manly to have a wedding engagement ring in a plain metal sans any centre stone too, hence you can choose a key metal and forget about precious stones on it. The most popular metal choices available for men’s wedding rings are in Platinum, Yellow gold, Rose gold, White gold, Palladium and Silver.

·         Matching with the Bride’s Bauble

If you’re not fussy about jewelry, then the perfect option is to get a ring that complements your partner’s ring.  Getting a nature inspired or custom made ring works well if matching the rings is your need.

·         Preference

Trendy men’s wedding rings are made in plain metal with or without centre stones. Depending on the nature of work you do, you should select a ring that does not get in the way or get worn out fast. If you’re a regular ring wearer, you might need a plain band of highest grade metal to last a lifetime.

Best Masculine Styles to Get your Wedding Ring in

For a man, Wedding Ring symbolizes love and marriage than the physical beauty of it. Wedding Rings with deeper meanings are ideal to get while fancy men’s wedding rings are also common. If you’re a man with fine tastes in jewelry, take a look at the following popular styles will help you spot yours efficiently too.

·         Eternity

Symbolizing the eternal nature of marriage, Eternity rings are made in round unbroken chain of precious stones. The eternity ring setting is vouched as the ultimate symbol of love and loyalty.

·         Solitaire

Embedded in a single centre stone, Solitaire can be made with diamonds or other colored precious stones.  Solitaire is also an excellent stone to propose as it is the best ring with maximum wins of ‘yes’ from the bride or groom.

·         Three Stone

Yet another significantly trendy wedding ring design made for Love Birds, Three Stone Wedding Ring Design is unique and spectacular on any man. If you have more than one precious stone that you like or the one that represents your zodiac, three stone is perfect for it.

·         Classic

Plain and simple jewelry designs make up classic wedding rings for men who have little to null taste in jewelry.  Classic wedding rings for men can be vintage or heirlooms as well as Claddagh and solitaire too.

·         Modern

Over the many years, there has come a long line of stones and ring designs that are notable for their symbolization of love. Modern rings can be made from diamonds or metals and Classy designs such as the Irish Knot.

·         Vintage

From heirlooms to traditional patterns, there are many types of vintage rings made for manly hands such as Irish Knot, Claddagh, Beveled, Wood Inlay and Matte types.  The antique look of a wedding ring looks smart and fashionable on a man with refined tastes.

·         Gemstone

If you’re a crystal aficionado, making the centre stone on your wedding ring in Gemstone is ideal. Choosing your birthstones or crystals that you bond best with can prove to be a major cost saving option too. Gemstones are a stylish choice for any man, needless to say, artistic too.

In a Nutshell

Wedding Rings are truly once in a lifetime buy. If you’re keen on selecting a design that complements the beauty of your beloved as well as your marital life, choose one that both of you relate to or one that symbolizes your love the best.

Whenever choosing a wedding ring maker, ensure that you research and understand the buying experience using our Reviews on the best Diamond and Engagement Jewelers Online. Buying smart is classy and attractive too. If you’re looking for a truly unique ring, you need a custom made engagement ring!

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