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The DPA Team believes that you should make the best out of your proposal. Give it a few minutes to read our engagement rings reviews, proposal ideas and avoid making painful mistakes.

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Zoara has definitely having some online stock update troubles, along with payment confirmations and delivery timing problems. We believe that an expert, must be one in all measures. Clearly from the not too large numbers of complaints, according to the mass amount of customers that Zoara is not doing any false decisions or misleading on purpose

    Disappointment is a common feeling among most of us the moment we find out we bought a bad product or didn’t get what was promised to us. When it comes to your Engagement Ring that disappointment sometimes can be PRICELESS! Read our experts advice and become a diamond pro yourself. When it comes to your Engagement Ring that disappointment sometimes can be PRICELESS! Read our experts advice and become a diamond pro yourself.

    November 1st, was the day that I call my reborn. This day has been both exciting, special and the biggest success I had in my life:
    This date is the sign for my biggest aim of my adult life achievement, as my than was my soul-mate, said “YES” to my proposal, at the most beautiful sunset on the island of Belize.
    For me, aside from getting the love of my life, it also signed a mission success, and that mission is buying the perfect diamond engagement ring. One of my biggest fears was that once the excitement of the moment would calm, my fiancée would ask to make changes or replace the ring I chose.

    Considering myself modern, i became an information specialist in two directions: 1st one, my soon to be fiancee taste of diamonds, rings, settings, ring size, her ability to use her special MD gloves as a future to be one. the 2nd direction, is pointing the no. 1 place to buy diamond engagement ring. Summing up all that research, have brought me to one of the biggest online brands, where a sales consultant insisted on Skypeing me, and once i have mentioned by him all of my research findings, his answer was: “you’re at the right place, we have the perfect ring for you”. guess what, I LOVED what was offered for me, first as a computerized demo, and than as i opened my doorstep FedEx.

    My fears came trough. my fiancee said YES, and both of us were very excited, as we continued our vacation as engaged now, on our flight back, my fiancee began asking me some weird questions about where i bought the ring, how did i know her size, who of her friends did i ask for her opinion and so on… finally, she managed to ask what she aimed for: “babe, would you be sad if i asked to make a small change in the engagement ring settings?” I smiled and blushed at the same time, i kissed her and said: “honey, we have 60 days of a return, resize or refund, we can go online together and make any changes you like”. Unfortunately, the online diamond engagement ring consist of some poor advices that my fail you in making your (her) wish come true, like offering great prices for common diamonds (whereas you wish her diamond ring would be unique), offering a “design your own” engagement ring (which excludes the option of a refund or return) and some more disadvantages. My fail? as we got home, unpacked our bags and crushed on the couch, i pulled my laptop and went into “WHERE I BOUGHT HER RING”, entered my account and contacted my personal salesman. unhappy to see me, he listened with patient and asked for how i purposed, where and when, but when we got to the point of me asking for him to listen to my fiancee requests, his smile turned upside down, and after a moment of silence, he said: “sir, you designed your own ring, i am sorry but we do not return or replace a design your own”. At a glance of a sec, i nearly cried, almost crashed the laptop, and found myself comforting in her arms.

    Here we come – My Dream Come True

    To make a long story short, we finally went together to a local shop, who’s jeweler helped us make the changes we wished for, wheres my negotiation with the online shop has got me more disappointment than pleasure.

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