11 Best Jewelry To Wear On Wedding Day For Total Bling

11 Best Jewelry To Wear On Wedding Day For Total Bling

How to pick jewelry that matches your wedding dress? Which is the best jewelry to wear on the wedding day? Are there exotic jewelry ideas for the bride? What jewelry suits my wedding dress style? How to find matching jewelry for wedding wear?

I know you’re excited to create an everlasting wedding look on your special day and that’s why this post is dedicated to the best jewelry ideas to wear on wedding day.

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11 Stunning Ideas for Jewelry to Wear on your Wedding day

1.    Bridal Head Chain

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Flaunting the Boho vibe, it is best for formal and casual weddings, whether you decide to get married on the beach or the church. Often popular as the circlet or diadem, it can replace the tiara or crown too. It is available in a variety of styles as a side-do to match your hairdo on the wedding day or to accent your temples or forehead.

2.    Earrings for the Wedding day

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Depending on your wedding dress neckline, choosing a chandelier or stud earring that matches your wedding gown or engagement ring stone compliments the wedding dress. Do try it with your complete wedding look before finalizing.

3.    Wedding Necklace

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A good bridal necklace cuts the need for any other jewelry, per se. You can get a gaudy diamond bridal chain for the neck and choose a plain white gown to make your look minimalist and chic too.

4.    Wedding Nose Ring

Diamond Pebble Nose Stud | Solid Gold nose stud | Pebble Nose Stud | DIamond Nose Stud | Made in San Francisco | SHaron Z Jewelry | Sharon Zimmerman

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While you might think this gives a retro look, if you have a pierced nose, flaunting it with a nose ring that links to your headgear on the wedding day is fabulous. It makes you look like a queen from the fairy tales.

5.    Bracelet Ring for the Bride  

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Different and one of a kind jewelry that sets the bride apart from the bridesmaid or the guests, a bracelet finger ring can be gaudy or minimalist based on your wedding dress and accessories. It makes you look like the Khaleesi!

6.    Wedding Tiara Jewelry

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If you’re throwing a formal wedding with all the pomp, nothing fits the bride more than a crown. Make sure you choose one that goes well with your veil and hairdo before settling. With a crown, there’s no competition for the bride, whatsoever!

7.    Brooch for Bridal Dress

Rhinestone Bridal Broach, Wedding Dress Brooch, Pearl Jewelry - ABBEY

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Not many people know, but a chunky brooch in the design of your wedding ring, dress or jewelry can complement your looks as well as transform a simple attire into a magical one. We think matching the brooch to your wedding dress works amazing.

8.    Wedding Bangles

22kt Gold Designer Kadas (2 Pcs)

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Another Eastern look for empresses and queens, wedding bangle must go with your wedding dress. Choose gold if you’re wearing a golden dress and platinum or silver studded with stones if you’re wearing a white gown.

9.    Anklet for the Bride

Wedding - bridal anklet, ivory Beach wedding barefoot sandals, bangle, wedding anklet, free ship, anklet, bridal, wedding

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Planning a beach wedding? Whether you’re barefoot or not, a French lace anklet or pearl lace anklet like in the picture will make you look like a goddess out of dreams. Don’t leave your feet unattended on your special day!

10. Belly Chain for Bridal wear

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A popular choice for brides in India, this belly button accessory makes you look gorgeous head to toe. It pulls the belly together and shapes your figure, especially if your wedding dress is exposed in the middle!

11. Body Chain with Wedding Dress

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Want the best non-traditional yet modish wedding jewelry? A body chain in silver, pearl or even diamond makes you look like a dazzling diva from all angles. It’s an accessory for bareback wedding gown to make you look better than Cinderella!

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Do you know there is a smart way to pick your jewelry based on the neckline of your wedding gown? No kidding! It’s scientifically proven to dazzle your looks and make you look like a queen on your special day.

Stay tuned for wedding tips~

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