11 Classic & Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

11 Classic & Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring Designs


Choosing an engagement design is tough because you want it to be the best and even last a few lifestimes after your death. Hence, we took the oath to bring you the craziest design styles available in 2018 for wedding rings. Consult the experts below before buying affordable engagement ring designs that are really stunning!

11 Incredible Stylish & Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring Designs You’re Missing Out on

What setting of diamond engagement ring to buy for your ring? Don’t ponder anymore. Start reading the below for all the advice you need on diamond engagement ring designs NOW!

1.      Verragio Braided Rings

Available in multifarious metals, Verragio Braided Rings are offered on Whiteflash. The luxury diamond ring can be chosen in platinum to 20 K Rose Gold, 18 K White Gold and 18K Yellow Gold. Part of the Insignia Collection from Verragio, the braided diamond ring bears three big diamonds and several small diamonds.  The Twisted shank princess ring is a charm!

Price of the Diamond Engagement Ring: $5,300

2.      Ritani Coil Twist Cut Styles of Diamond Engagement Rings

Better than eternity bands and halos, coil twist setting style of diamond engagement rings are super cool too. Ritani engagement rings come in round shape donned on the metal platinum. You can choose diamonds of 0.80 carats to 1.50 carats. The stellar looking diamond engagement ring is customizable with various setting, clarity and cut. The radiant shape of diamonds is recommended best for Ritani Twist Coil diamond engagement rings.

Price of the Diamond Engagement Ring: $3,125

3.      Vintage Diamond Tulip Ring

A vintage engagement ring collection product from Ritani, the tulip shaped diamond engagement ring is a steal! Available in white gold to Rose Gold in 18K and 14K options, this vintage Tulip Ring is set in 0.2 Carat Round Diamonds. With a VS2 clarity, this stone is natural and made in the U.S.A!

Price of the Diamond Engagement Ring: $3,120

4.      Tacori Sculpted Crescent Ring

A slender ring with unique stones, this diamond engagement ring from Tacori is recommended by many diamond designers across the world. Tacori crescent engagement ring is a unique piece with criss-cross bands of platinum. Apart from the centerstone with a big diamond, there is a square halo around with tiny paved diamonds!

Price of the Diamond Engagement Ring: $2,580

5.      ICE Filligree White Gold Bridal Rings

Available in I1 and I2 clarities, ICE Sides Stones are an affordable choice for anyone looking for luxury diamond engagement rings. The ring is loaded with tiny diamonds in a filigree pattern. The vintage style ICE diamond ring is double banded and made in 10K White Gold with 1 ¼ carat diamonds. The unique looking ring looks gaudy and more sparkly than it actually is, giving your ring a luxurious sheen!

Price of the Diamond Engagement Ring: $2,519

6.      Brilliant Earth Willow Wine Blue Sapphire Diamond

A unique design from BE, the Willow Diamond Engagement Ring comes with 4 side-stones made of diamonds and a central blue sapphire ring. The gemstone engagement ring is a charm with its outdoorsy and trellis setting.

While the gemstone is imported from Sri Lanka, the side diamonds have SI clarity. Made in the U.S.A, the Brilliant Earth diamond ring can be made in a variety of Platinum to Gold options.

Price of the Diamond Engagement Ring: $1,490

7.      Brian Gavin Three Prong Martini Solitaire

The solitaire diamnd engagement ring from designer Brian Gavin is made in platinum with a three pronged martini style of engagement rings. A signature diamond you will almot never see on another finger, Brian Gavin Three Prong Martini Solitaire Ring is a special ring available with lifetime upgrade policy from Brina Gavin Diamonds.

Price of the Diamond Engagement Ring: $1,250

8.      Adiamor Milgrain Leaf Engagement Rings

Made in the Pave setting, this medium sized affordable engagement ring is a charm. The trendy engagement ring is made in a milgrain leaf setting. Set in round brilliant diamonds, the Adiamor Milgrain Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring has 12 diamonds with a total weight of 0.18 carats and VS1 to VS2 clarities. Get this pave set diamonds right away!

 Price of the Diamond Engagement Ring: $1,250

9.      Zoara Rose Gold Pave Switch Diamond Engagement Ring

A unique, alternating pave ring, zoara rose gold pave diamond ring is made with 22 side diamonds in tiny sizes of total 0.9 carats. The center stone on the classic engagement ring can be set with round or oval diamonds of 0.3 to 3.00 carats from Zoara. The affordable ring can be set in precious platinum to 18K Yellow Gold, 18 K White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold and 14 K

Price of the Diamond Engagement Ring: $1,080

Before you go …

Have an idea about the diamond engagement ring design and style you really like. Remember it is not a 2-day party, but a lifetime commitment. Hence, choose your diamond engagement ring after proper evaluation.

Good Luck!


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