13 Questions Answered About Diamond Engagement Rings

13 Questions Answered About Diamond Engagement Rings

When you’re buying a diamond engagement ring and planning a wedding, you need the creamy layer of advice. I know you have endless questions, new ones every day, but let me help you straighten out some of the answers after being there and done that. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to hit on the comments below and our experts will reach you within a day at most!

13 Questions Answered about diamond Engagement Rings in Detail from Real Experience

Buying a diamond engagement ring is not like buying a new plant or rug for the house. It’s the core of your wedding planning that you wear as a souvenir every day together. You need to be thorough and creative because it’s once-in-a lifetime opportunity. So, before you finalize buying your diamond engagement ring, check out the common questions answers about it in detail from people who have gone through what you’re going through right now.

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1.    How much should I spend on engagement ring?

Making the right estimate or budget for your engagement ring can help you choose the right one without spending too much. Click here to go through your options on estimates of common engagement rings today.

2.    Is it necessary to have a wedding ring?

The history of wedding rings is entwined with engagement rings. Do you know they are soldered together after the marriage? We have prepared a guide to pick the best wedding rings you can use. Click here to read the post.

3.    How do I find her finger size without letting her know?

If you don’t want to spoil the surprise and still find the perfect ring size, there are some clever ways to find out her finger size. We have tried ‘em all! Click here if you want to find out her ring finger size without spoiling the surprise proposal!

4.    What is a Trade-In Guarantee?

If you wish to upgrade your diamond in the future, the diamond seller should issue a guarantee to do that. Wanna know the upgrade options you have with a diamond seller online? Click here.

5.    Which Benefits should I look for when buying a diamond ring for engagement?

From lifetime warranty, repairing and resizing services, diamond engagement ring comes with goodies. You need to clean your engagement ring professional, every two years and it is not cheap if you want to do more as well.

Do you want to save money on your engagement ring budget? Click here for the expert 5-minute post on how to do so like a pro and get your dream ring!

6.    How to get insurance for the engagement ring?

What if your ring gets stolen? If you insure it with cash policy, the insurer will reimburse the total value of your diamond ring. Another insurance policy called replacement gets you the identical item. Both protect you from loss of property.

Everything you need to know about engagement ring insurance is right here.

7.    What are some awesome ways to propose to her?

Don’t pop the question blindly. It needs to be planned because the story will be repeated a thousand times! Click here for more spell-binding and creative ways to propose to your ladylove.

8.    How to learn about the 4Cs of diamonds?

If you’re new to diamonds, learning about the cut, clarity, color, and carat will help you get the best diamond for the best price. It’s not rocket science. Diamond 4Cs? Learn it all here!

9.    What is the best setting for my engagement ring?

Finding the right setting is based on your perception of beauty. Think about comfort and durability too. Wanna know the secrets of making your engagement ring look bigger and save money on the costs? This post will help you!

10. Which diamond certification should I look out for?

Know all about diamond reports and certifications in detail here!

11. What is the difference between engagement and wedding rings?   

Here’s your simplified guide to the key differences between engagement rings and wedding rings

12. Are there ways to prevent getting scammed when shopping for your diamond for the ring?

Of course, there are. You need to level up. Click here to know more about the smart ways to avoid diamond scams commonly prevalent today!

13. What Engraving should I get on the ring?

From I love you to the special date or your initials, there are many choices for engraving rings.

I have dedicated this post to the common, creative and quirky engravings popular on engagement and wedding rings for your knowledge.

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