Clean Origin Diamond Rings: NEW Review

Clean Origin Diamond Rings: NEW Review

Website Address of Clean Origin: https://Clean 

Since the Federal Trade Commission amended their description of a diamond by taking a single word (natural) from the definition of a diamond in 2018, lab-grown diamonds with dazzling chemical properties are all the rave, especially if you have a soft corner for environment-good too. 

Today we will examine the pros and cons, history, resizing, pictures, videos, customization options, return policies, and everything about the diamond engagement ring jewelry named Clean Origin known for its lab-made diamonds. 

Who knows, it might even save you a few thousand dollars on your favorite ring!

Table of Contents

  1. Why Should You Buy From Clean Origin?
  • More Affordable
  • 100% conflict-free Eco-Conscious Aspect
  • Exceptional Shopping Experience
  • Free Shipping and Flexible Returns
  • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Certificates With Same Grading As Natural Diamonds

2. Why Shouldn’t You Buy Diamond Engagement Ring From Clean Origin?

3. History of Clean Origin Diamonds Jewelry

4. What Types Of Diamonds And Diamond Engagement Rings Are Available On Clean Origin?

5. Can You Negotiate With Clean Origin?

6. Are There Pictures And Videos Of Diamonds From Clean Origin?

7. How To Buy Diamond Ring On Clean Origin?

8. How To Get Custom Diamond Engagement Ring From Clean Origin?

  • Start with a Setting
  • Start with a Diamond

9. Does Clean Origin Offer Financing Options? What Are The Payment Options On Clean Origin?

10. Where Does Clean Origin Ship To? What Are The Shipping Options On Clean Origin?

11. Does Clean Origin Resize For Free? 

12. How To Return Diamond Engagement Rings Bought From Clean Origin?

13. How To Get In Touch With Clean Origin? 

14. Clean Origin Discounts, Coupons, And Promotions

15. Is Clean Origin A Fraud? Is Clean Origin Legit?

16. Clean Origin- The Full Review 

17. Clean Origin Customer Complaints

18. Clean Origin Final Verdict

19. Clean Origin Ratings

  • User Ratings 19/20
  • Variety Of Diamond Engagement Rings 19/20
  • Customer Service and Shopping Support 20/20
  • Payment, Shipping, Insurance, & Warranty 20/20
  • Returns, Refunds, and Trade-In 19/20

Why Should You Buy From Clean Origin?

Let’s jump right into a thorough examination of the pros of ‘Clean Origin’ diamond engagement rings so that you can take an informed decision whether it’s the right choice for you. 

  • More Affordable

Most people keep a keen eye for the best quality with lesser costs than a natural diamond when they go for a lab-grown diamond for the engagement ring. To put things precisely, lab-grown diamonds cost about 15 to 30% lower than natural diamonds. 

When we did the math, you can get the same great manmade diamond for 5 to 10% cheaper at Clean Origin than most of their competitors. 

  • 100% conflict-free Eco-Conscious Aspect

Do you know we can decrease mineral waste by more than 6,000% by switching to lab-grown diamonds on a large scale? 

With the manmade alternative, the energy consumption is also 25x lower and water consumption is only about 14% of what you would spend on a natural diamond per carat. If you look at it closely, that’s about a huge part you can help to resolve climate change issues.

  • Exceptional Shopping Experience

From in-stock designs with great lab-grown diamonds and even more settings, at Clean Origin, you can find ready-to-order items as well as customizable options. It’s the complete one-stop shop for all the new couples who want lab-made diamonds because Clean Origin takes care of all your needs above and beyond. 

  • Free Shipping and Flexible Returns

We found the Free Insured Shipping and Free Expedited Shipping particularly exciting at Clean Origin. Unlike their peers, Clean Origin also promises a good guarantee on diamond jewelry you purchase from them. 

You can even swap put the diamond or completely change your ring size too here. Moreover, returns are completely free!

  • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

While most diamond engagement ring sellers give a 30 or 60 days guarantee, Clean Origin offers a 100-day money-back guarantee. You get all the time in the world to ensure that the engagement ring you bought from Clean Origin is indeed the right pick. You can even exchange the setting or get a new stone during the returns easily.

  • Certificates With Same Grading As Natural Diamonds

One of the handfuls of shops with  GIA certified lab-grown diamonds available, Clean Origin gives you diamond certificates listing all the characteristics of the diamond you purchased. In short, it’s as real as it gets, folks!

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Diamond Engagement Ring From Clean Origin? 

Now let’s find out the cons of investing in Clean Origin so that you can weigh both sides. 

Many customers of Clean Origin have been saying time and again that many of Clean Origin’s diamond engagement rings have troubling settings that push the diamond out of the jewelry. 

That being said, Clean Origin has some of the most expansive setting options we’ve seen amongst any natural or lab-made diamond designers. 

History of Clean Origin Diamonds Jewelry 

Aimed at delivering ‘truth and transparency’ to people, Clean Origin is a Diamond Jewelry laser-focused on saving the environment while they’re at it. Started in 2017 by three people totaling over a century of experience, these are Alexander Weindling, an infamous diamond merchant, Ryan Bonifacino a marketing mogul, and Terry Burman a superb businessman. 

Clean Origin aims at being three things- 100% Real, 100% Ethical, and delivering 100% quality. 

Every person on the customer service team has at least five years of in-depth experience in the field to help you out accordingly. Being available via several contact options you can try contacting them any way they want. Even though they’re relatively new, Clean Origin is set to conquer the diamond engagement ring hugely in the coming ages. 

What Types Of Diamonds And Diamond Engagement Rings Are Available On Clean Origin? 

You’ll find over 16,000 diamonds on Clean Origin with 125 settings and styles to choose from. The best thing is that there are elaborate customizing options for diamonds as well as metals such has 14k White Gold, 18k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, 18k Yellow Gold, 14k Rose Gold, and Platinum. 

When it comes to loose diamonds, you can select from over 3,500 lab-grown options ranging in colors D, E, F, G, H, and I. Note that they only have excellent cut diamonds in clarity of VVS1 and VVS2 with excellent symmetry and polish.

Can You Negotiate With Clean Origin? 

When you’re deciding on a custom piece or before the purchase, it’s always good to have a face-to-face meeting or word with Clean Origin if you can get this price lower. But in any case, we think we’ll anyway be giving you the best price possible from quote-one!

Are There Pictures And Videos Of Diamonds From Clean Origin? 

When you browse diamond engagement rings on Clean Origin, you’ll notice there are two pictures per ring and a 360-degree video that auto-plays. However, you can only move to the side to view its angles. We’d say a few more zoom-in pictures would help to make better decisions, especially because we’re all buying online now.

How To Buy Diamond Ring On Clean Origin? 

All you need to buy a diamond engagement ring on Clean Origin is the following stepwise. Get started!

  1. Click on the tab ‘Enagement’.
  2. Click on your preference from collections such as solitaire, halo, classic, and vintage diamond engagement rings. Pss..t scroll a little more and you’ll see collections like – bestsellers andiconic rings.
  3. You can also scroll down to ‘Create your own Ring’ by either starting with a diamond or a setting.
  4. Once you select your ring, the options you can select from are- metal (18K white gold and yellow gold costs $210 extra while platinum $325 more), shape (princess, heart, round, pear, emerald, oval, radiant, and cushion), and standard or six (for $35 more). 
  5. Finally, add your ring size and complete the order.

How To Get Custom Diamond Engagement Ring From Clean Origin? 

There are two ways to get a custom diamond engagement ring from Clean Origin as you can see below. 

  • Start with a Setting

If you choose this option, you’ll be redirected to a list of options where on top you can refine your results using your choice of metals, shapes, and ring styles, and price range.

  • Start with a Diamond 

Instead of the first option, suppose you choose this option.

You can now filter out the results by selecting your choice of diamond shape, carat, price, color, and clarity, and even laboratory for certifications such as GIA, GCAL, IGI, and GSI. I particularly liked their add-on option where you can find ‘Rare Finds’ and ‘Hearts and Arrows’. How brilliant, right? 

Go browse and find a great ring on Clean Origin!

Does Clean Origin Offer Financing Options? What Are The Payment Options On Clean Origin? 

For those who don’t want to part with the full amount for a diamond engagement ring in a second, Clean Origin also offers financing options that span over 12, 18, and even 24 months. Their perks in the financing package include affordable payments with a straightforward registration process directly with Affirm Financing Team. 

You can read more about the financing options offered by Clean Origin here.

Where Does Clean Origin Ship To? What Are The Shipping Options On Clean Origin? 

Clean Origin is a favorite in the U.S; period. But what are the other destinations you can order Clean Origin from? 

If you’re from Canada, you can easily get your engagement ring from Clean Origin without any added charges. Those who reside in Australia and United Kingdom have the same luxury too.

Clean Origin ships their diamond jewelry with insurance and each packet is required to be signed and taken. They offer FedEx Overnight Shipping for U.S customers. It’s shipped overnight after the initial interval of 7 to 10 days that’s taken for production. You can even sign up for flexible delivery to time the delivery well. 

All your returns are also paid for by Clean Origin so that you can sit back and not shed a second of worry via the same FedEx station that delivered the order.

Does Clean Origin Resize For Free?

Yes, Clean Origin offers resizing for their diamond engagement rings for free.

All you need to avail of this free service is to produce the original receipts, invoices, and certificates you received with the purchase. It’s also advised not to write anything on the packaging personally to keep security troubles at bay. 

How To Return Diamond Engagement Rings Bought From Clean Origin? 

Returning the diamond engagement you purchased on Clean Origin is easy and paid for if you do this within 100 days of receiving the item. 

Follow the instructions given below to do it without hassles:

  1. Get your shipping label 

The first thing to do is get a shipping label by informing the Clean Origin customer service team by sending them an email, chat message, or ring. They’ll provide you with a ‘return code’ and FedEx Return Shipping Label that you can use without paying a penny. 

Note that this facility is strictly for U.S customers.

  1. Before packing 

When getting your package ready for return, you should take care to put back everything that came with the package such as the diamond certificate from the specific laboratory, packing slip, invoice paper, or any other documents. In fact, failing to return the diamond certificate can incur a $150 fee for replacing it from the specific laboratory. 

  1. About insurance 

When you use the FedEx prepaid label sent by Clean Origin to you, the insurance is automatically available. You should also double-box the item and apply the return code and proceed to the next step.

  1. How to pack 

Take the jewelry item and place it inside the original box or cover you received it in. Once you’re done, place it in the box that was delivered to you by the shipping service provider. 

If you don’t have this external packaging, you can get a small FedEx Priority box and seal it yourself. But in that case, you should also get another FedEx medium priority box and place the small one inside it. Finally. attach the return code on the label before you drop it at your nearest FedEx location that’s staffed and not unattended.

  1. Get the receipt 

At last, make sure to get a receipt proving that you dropped the package off at FedEx from the station during the time and keep it for insurance (proof of evidence).

Read more on how to return diamond engagement rings bought from Clean Origin.

How To Get In Touch With Clean Origin? (50-75 W)

Being a digital-first company, Clean Origin ensures ordering is simple and quick. There are several ways to get in touch with Clean Origin. Here are some of it:

  • Live chat feature available on the website 
  • Email address to contact Clean Origin is [email protected] 
  • Phone to contact them is 1-888-487-2145
  • You can get Virtual Appointments too.
  • Physical address: Clean Origin LLC, 68 Southfield Avenue, Two Stamford Landing, Suite 100, Stamford, Connecticut 06902, United States

Clean Origin Discounts, Coupons, And Promotions 

You can get $100 off any purchase if you’re a 

  • Teacher
  • Student
  • First Responders
  • Military Personnel (Active and former)
  • Medical workers 

Is Clean Origin A Fraud? Is Clean Origin Legit? 

Clean Origin is a legitimate U.S company that specializes in engagement rings made of lab-made ethical diamonds. We will analyze them in detail but based on most of its pros and cons, we’re leaning towards the fact that it’s a ‘trustworthy and ethical company with great reviews.

Clean Origin- The Full Review (150 W)

With prices ranging from $157 to $72,917 and carat sizes up to 9.00, Clean Origin is an amazing diamond seller with an ethical motive. They reply quickly via email, chat, and phone. With a modern and simple website that focuses on content and graphics more than the layout and creative designs, Clean Origin also offers several certifications such as GCAL, IGI, and GSI apart from GIA. The sleek and minimalist designs come at great discounts of up to 10% when compared to competitors and 30% when compared to natural diamonds. 

We also loved the filters and refining tools available on the official site. What caught my attention the most is the sliding scale for skin tone. Being featured in Forbes, Green Wedding Shoes, Vogue, Business Insider, and Eco Cult, Clean Origin has quite the fame around its short lifespan of under 5 years. 

Clean Origin grows diamonds in the laboratory using two ways Chemical Vapor Deposition and High-Pressure High Temperature. 

In the first method, the carbon-rich gas like methane is heated and ionized to disintegrate into smaller elements. The carbon that releases in the result is crystallized for a minute at ‘diamond seed’ in the center of a sealed chamber to create diamonds.

The second way is to heat up carbon to over 2,730 degrees Fahrenheit with 1.5 million pounds of pressure every square inch to create forces like how a diamond forms naturally under the ground.

If you ask me, both create excellent stones and you should ask the sales representative to get a clearer idea. 

Clean Origin Customer Complaints 

After checking thoroughly, we found a few negative reviews. 

Here are all its details: 

  • Trust Pilot: There are 2% bad reviews and less than 1% of poor reviews  about Clean Origin on TrustPilot. Most of them talk about unresponsiveness of customer service and issues with setting. 
  • BBB: Registered as ‘Little Bear Ventures LLC’, Clean Origin has 4 five-star reviews and A+ Rating on Better Business Bureau.
  • Facebook: The company has about 20 votes and recommendations with zero complaints on FB.

Clean Origin Final Verdict 

After thoroughly researching and studying Clean Origin, we’ve come to the conclusion that this Clean Origin is a legitimate and trustworthy lab-made diamond ring seller. Couples and people interested in buying diamond rings will find their selection of settings and diamond choices exquisite. Put simply, the price is sweet and it’s better for everyone and the planet too! 

Clean Origin Ratings 

  • User Ratings 19/20

Using the Clean Origin site is effortless. Everything is neatly arranged and the site is secured by HTTPS. We particularly loved the color theme and fonts that keep everything clear and confusion-free. They’re true to their name- clean in fact in roots and looks!

  • Variety Of Diamond Engagement Rings 19/20

Thousands of diamonds, styles, and hundreds of settings to choose from make Clean Origin one of the finest online shops to get lab-grown diamond engagement rings at great prices and with amazing cut, clarity, carat, color, and cost!

  • Customer Service and Shopping Support 20/20

From responding right away on email to quick answers on chat, we were thoroughly impressed by Clean Origin. The shopping experience and support are flawless here. Even if you have a problem, Clean Origin will make sure it’s resolved at the earliest.

  • Payment, Shipping, Insurance, & Warranty 20/20

You can pay on Clean Origin via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club, JCB, Discover, and American Express. Shipping is available within the U.S and international destinations such as Australia, Canada, and the U.K too. 

When you shop at Clean Origin, you get a lifetime warranty on all its products. It covers any damages pertaining to manufacturing and craftsmanship. However, you may have to pay $50 for shipping and other expenses. Once Clean Origin confirms the damage owes it to faulting production, the $50 will be refunded. 

  • Returns, Refunds, and Trade-In 19/20

You can return things bought from Clean Origin within 100 days of receiving the item. You’ll receive refunds within seven days of Clean Origin receiving your item if everything is in order. If you don’t meet their requirements, prepare to pay $50 restocking fee.

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