How to Redo Your Wedding Vows Ceremony Grandly?

How to Redo Your Wedding Vows Ceremony Grandly?

Do you know how to renew your vows? Don’t worry, we’ll give you the best ideas that makes vows renewal a grand success. While some couples renew it every year, you can plan it for your 25th wedding anniversary or the 50th too. A lovely event to celebrate how strongly your marriage is progressing, wedding vows renewal gives a new chance at your wedding.

You know more about each other too. You can gift the best wedding vows ceremony ever!

7 Ideas to Redo Your Wedding Vows Ceremony in Style

Do you Want to Repeat the Guest List? If you have new friends you made after the wedding, for the vows renewal it is best to create a new guest list. But, the guest list is not the only thing you need to get ready for the wedding vows renewal ceremony. Let’s find the very best bright ideas!

1.    Have you dEcided on a Theme?

From floral to beach, winter, fall and summer, there are many themes you can use for a vows renewal ceremony. While a wedding might not permit humor, your vows renewal can. Make the theme for your party unique and epic at the same time.

2.    Kids can Do a Lot of Things

I am not kidding. Your kids as a part of your vows renewal only makes it strong. You can ask your kids to host the ceremony or even officiate it. If you have a little boy, ask him to walk mommy down the aisle. They can even be your Bridesmaid and Groomsmen, if you have more than two kids!

3.    Choose a Special Venue that Means a lot to you

When you’re getting married, it needs to be in a traditional place like a church or a chapel for the family. But, when you’re renewing your vows, you can always choose a fun and special place like the lake you met for the first time or even the restaurant you had your first date!

4.    Friends or Family can Officiate You

We said kids can officiate your wedding. That’s not because you should get your kid a wedding license, but because you don’t need a legal one. You’re already married. All you need is someone to recreate your wedding night. So, who will you choose?

5.    Gifts or Charity?

Wedding presents are an important part of weddings. However, for a vows renewal, you don’t need the bridal shower and bachelorette parties. You can even ask your guests to donate to a charity instead of receiving gifts. It’s a mature thing to do as wedding presents help you start a new life together.

6.    Pick a Special Attire for Bride and Groom

For a wedding ceremony, white gown is a must. Not so much for  vows renewal after two and a half decades! You can go for a cocktail dress to your favorite partywear or even the old wedding dress, if you fit into it! In any case, use the fun and freedom you have to recreate a memorable wedding again.

7.    Style a Great Reception Party

No wedding is complete without a reception, just like no vows renewal is complete without a reception party. Get your guests list down and start planning a beautiful reception party where you can waltz arms in arms together again, until forever.

Before you go …

So, are you ready to announce your vows renewal? If you have unique ideas, don’t shy to share it with our community. We wanna know better ideas too.

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