Is it good to wear your engagement ring to the beach?

Is it good to wear your engagement ring to the beach?

The quick answer is NO. The long answer comprises of the logical reasons and consequences of what will happen if you wear your engagement ring to the beach. That’s what we are going to explore in detail today. Let’s begin!

Why not to wear your engagement ring to the beach?

Amongst the places you are not supposed to wear diamonds and metals is also the beach. When you wear your diamond engagement ring to the beach, it gets tarnished and damaged. Why? Our experts have found all the right reasons not to wear ring to the beach below.

·      Applying Suntan and Sunscreen will Damage the Rock and metal

First things first- you should never wear your engagement ring while when putting on makeup, body lotion or oil. That’s because the harsh chemicals in your suntan or sunscreen will erode the precious metal. It can tarnish it if you continue to ignore it.

·      Sand can GEt into the Crevices of your Ring Setting

When you’re on the beach, it’s impossible not to get the sand in your feet, dress, kaftan and much more. But, that’s not the biggest problem. If sand gets into the setting of your ring between the metal and the diamond, it can lead to loosening of the stones.  

·      Sulfur in the Beach Food can Tarnish your Rock and Metal

Lolling or basking on the beach is not complete without a snack. But, if you’re going for a snack, keep off foods that contain sulphur such as the garlic dip, cheese filled burger or pizza and olives. These food items can tarnish your diamond and the precious metal like gold or platinum it is set on.

·      Cold Weather makes the ring Loose

Do you know what cold weather does to the skin? It shrinks the blood vessels, leading to loss of one ring size. So, when you’re taking a dip in the ocean water, don’t wear your ring. It can make your skin loose, leading to the loss of the ring. You wouldn’t even know when it pops off!

·      Salt Water can Damage your Diamond and Precious metal

Another prominent problem of wearing your engagement ring to the beach is the salt water. Salt in ocean water is bad for copper, and yellow gold. If you’re wearing a platinum ring, it will be fine. But if it is rose gold or yellow gold, take off your ring before getting in the ocean.

How to Smartly Wear your Engagement ring to the beach

Is it good to wear your engagement ring to the beach?

Just because the engagement ring will get tarnished, you can’t stop going to the beach altogether. What else can you do? Let’s find out!

1.    Plastic Bag Isn’t Good, Take a Jewelry Box with you

Plastic is not good for the environment. Do you know 90% of trash floating on our oceans and killing our marine animals are plastic? But that’s not the reason you should avoid storing your engagement ring in a plastic bag. You should avoid it because precious metal left in airtight plastic under hot sun and humid air will start to react chemically.

2.    Always go for a Professional Cleaning after Beach Time

Enjoyed your beach hours? Great! Instead of using the safety pin to poke out the sand or debris from the beach-time, go for a professional cleaning. The jewelry cleaning professionals will safely do it for you, at a nominal fee.

3.    Don’t Wear Loose Engagement Ring to the Beach

Did you feel a rattle in your ring in the morning? Are you going to the beach right now? Please take off your ring before you go because loose stones can easily be lost when you’re on the beach. It happens to hundreds of people every day. If you love your ring, take it to a professional jeweler to tighten at first.

4.    You can Leave them Safely at Home

Another brilliant way to safely store your engagement ring is by leaving it at home. Easy. Come back from the beach and wear it. Problems solved!

Before you go …

Be wary of the tan lines that your engagement ring can make on the finger too. Ready for the beach? What are your secret tips for others going to the beach with their engagement ring on? Tell us in the comments below.

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