Robbins Brothers Diamond Store Review

Robbins Brothers Diamond Store Review

Why should you Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Robbins Brothers?

Robbins Brothers Diamond Store Review

You should buy your diamond engagement ring on Robbins Brothers for the following reasons.

110% Lifetime Diamond Warranty

Robbins Brothers offers a unique lifetime warranty. It covers chipping off, cracking and even losing your diamond from the ring. Any damages to the stone will be covered by the jewelry if you it has been brought to the store for inspection within 12 months, otherwise warranty will be void.

110% Sparkle Guarantee

The next best thing about Robbins Brothers is the amazing price match offer they give Typically, if you see the same diamond you bought at a Robbins Brothers store priced lower on any other store. After the customer service verifies the product, they will grant you 110% in refunds and reimbursements.  

110% Diamond Trade Up Guarantee

Finally, Robbins Brothers also offers trade up of the diamond. After years of buying your engagement ring, you want to exchange it for something different. If you bought your ring from Robbins Brothers, you can trade up the diamond you bought for 110% trade up guarantee.  

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Robbins Brothers?

Do the Robbins Brothers still own Robbins Brother jewelry? No. Who owns it? Let’s find out who owns it, and why you should not buy your diamonds and engagement rings from Robbins.

Poorly Cut Diamonds

The first disadvantage of buying from Robbins Brothers is the poor quality of cutting on their diamonds. One after another, each diamond is poorly cut with poor brilliance.

35% More Price than the Others

According to the secret-shopping done by Diamonds Pro, we realized Robbins Brothers are doing gross injustice by charging exorbitant prices. From 50% to 35% higher, their tags keep on changing.

Minimal Options, Rushed Service

Vintage store that has been active since almost a hundred years ago, Robbins Brothers features a dull collection. The customer service is poor with multiple customers reporting ‘never being served’ at all.

IGI Certificates Instead Of GIA

If you’re not careful, the store at Robbins Brothers will show you IGI certifications unless you ask specifically for GIA certificate. The same goes with their diamonds on the website. When you’re buying diamonds from Robbins Brothers, look for the GIA certificate so that you can use the sparkle guarantee if you need to.

High Price, Low Value for Money

When you look at the diamonds, they are poor cut and without stunning brilliance. The same is the reason why you don’t get a good value for money at Robbins Brothers. To give an example that Diamonds Pro highlighted in the afore-linked article, the 1.01 carat diamond from RB costs $5,895 while Blue Nile 1.06 carat same diamond costs $3,864.

Tag Line or Slogan of Diamond Engagement Ring Jewelry On Robbins Brothers

Tagline of RB Diamond jewelry store-The engagement ring store

Quality of The Photos Of Engagement Rings On Robbins Brothers

When you’re an online diamond ring buyer, you need to see more than one image of the diamond ring to make your purchase. The more pictures, the better sales you will have. However, Robbins Brothers have an appalling display of product images. They don’t have more than one product images to display. There are no ASET images or 360-degree videos either.

This is the worst diamond engagement ring seller we have seen online.  

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Robbins Brothers.Com?

What you find on Robbins Brothers is actually lesser variety than the other diamond ring selling platforms. Even though they’ve added promising diamond ring makers, the overall variety on RB is poor. Let’s find out what they do offer below.


Showing up to 77 items divided by Price, Type, Designer, Gender, Clearance, Metal, Ring Style, Diamond Shape, Center Stone and an option to compare multiple products against each other.

Halo Ring

A total of 594 items named halo rings from various designers are listed on RB Halo rings category. Several items here offer more than one option and categories like by Price, Type, Designer, Gender, Clearance, Metal, Ring Style, Diamond Shape, and Center Stone besides comparison.

Wedding Set

Featuring 40 unique wedding sets, RB offers categories such as Price, Type, Designer, Gender, Clearance, Metal, Ring Style, Diamond Shape, and Center Stone.

Side Stone

The largest collection on Robbins Brothers is Side Stone engagement rings. It shows a total of 1100 rings divided by Price, Type, Designer, Gender, Clearance, Metal, Ring Style, Diamond Shape, and Center Stone.

Three Stone

A small collection of 11 items, the Three-Stone engagement rings on Robbins Brothers are worth taking a look at. They are divided by Price, Type, Designer, Gender, Clearance, Metal, Ring Style, Diamond Shape, and Center Stone.

Promise Ring

Showing a total of 18 promise ring engagement rings from a variety of designers, they are divided by Price, Type, Designer, Gender, Clearance, Metal, Ring Style, Diamond Shape, and Center Stone.

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Robbins Brothers

Using multiple lenders, Robbins Brothers offers a range of options for financing. Their layaway program offers 90-days with 20% down payment at the time of buying. RB also offers a first time buyers program that is as old as 50 years!

You can also go for 6-day installment program if you want to buy an expensive engagement ring now, but the money hasn’t arrived yet! You don’t even need a credit check for that. You just need a checking account that is qualifying. Get your Robbins Brothers Credit Card at any closest store!

12 Months Deferred, No Interest

On purchases that are qualifying and made between May 20, 2019 to July 31, 2019 with the RB Credit Card. If you fail the minimum installment per month, the APR will jump to 29.99%. If you have an RB credit card, check on its back for the policies.

9.99% Apr for 60 Months

You have to pay $1,500 from your Robbins Brothers credit card to avail this financing offer. It is applicable on purchases that are qualifying and made between May 20, 2019 to July 31, 2019. There is no pre-payment penalty, so you can relax and save when you finally decide to pay the amount in full.

They even provide a ring estimator you can use to calculate the amount you need to finance from Robbins Brothers.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

With a history beginning from 1921, Robbins brothers is a Retailer and etailer now. RB has a powerful legacy that dates back a hundred years. As an online ring seller, RB is quite new to the field.  

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Robbins Brothers Engagement Rings?

You can avail returns and refunds, free of additional costs because RB has 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. It means you can return the item if you’re dissatisfied within 30 days. Refunds provided in the same manner as purchase. So, if you bought it with a debit card, your balance will be refunded. Cash payments are refunded with a check issued within 15 days to the name of the original buyer.

To return your purchase, call on 800 295-1543 and state your cause. You should expect a mail back with a return slip including the Return Authorization Code. If it has crossed 30 days since purchase, they will not take it back.

Non-Refundable Products

  • Jewelry items such as custom-made or custom altered will not be taken back.  
  • If you request a resize of two size difference, the return will not be processed.
  • Extreme head changes to the rings are not approved for exchange and return.
  • If you do not produce the original sales receipt of the ring, you will not be given refunds or exchange.

Contact Information of Robbins Brothers Engagement Rings

You can contact Robbins Brothers via any of the following methods

Does Robbins Brothers Have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes, Robbins Brothers own a jewelry education blog on their official website. It shows upcoming events, love stories, fun stuff, inspiration, tips and advice. You can also discover the engagement ring type, size and style, 4Cs of the diamond, discover the wedding ring and the proposal.

Robbins Brothers Jewelry Full Review

A popular diamond and engagement ring retailer founded in Seattle, the legacy of Robbins Brothers go back to 1921. Ben Tipp was known for his hospitable jewelry store. The history goes back to say that everyone who walked into the store was greeted by a Washington Red Apple during their browsing. It became Robbins Brothers in 1993. But, it was Eugene Robbins the father of Robbins Brothers who opened the a jewelry store in the 1950s. It was in Pasadena and was expanded in 1970s. Eugene’s sons are the Robbins Brothers who focused on assisting couples in love. It was in 1995 the first Robins Brothers store opened up.

Although a great legacy, Robbins Brothers customer service has declined over the years. They ship their orders from 3-5 days and have stores in 15 locations around the United States. The website is clean and easy to navigate and you can also find the rings by browsing the locations on the main store. I loved their option of comparing the rings. You can add as many rings as you want, to compare the products on Robbins Brothers. Another advantage of choosing Robbins Brothers is because they offer a try-at-home service. What disappointed the Diamonds Peace Army is the low amount of pictures. While some have more than one image, most have but one!

We appreciate the satisfaction and sparkle guarantee. They are accountable for their service.  

Robbins Brothers Jewelry Complaints

Out of the total reviews we assessed on Yelp, Diamonds Pro and Consumer Advocate, we have to say a good majority do not recommend Robbins Brothers. Most of the complaints against the jeweler are that of customer service and in-store experiences. It seems the staff are not educated on the facets of knowledge on diamonds as they end up being too salesy or pushy in their approach.

The second most notable concern raised against Robbins Brothers is their poor craftsmanship. People who bought their engagement rings come back for resizing and refitting multiple times. That says, the first job was not done right. They are also downvoted on the quality and clarity of their diamonds by many diamond gurus and pundits on the web.  

Is Robbins Brothers Jewelry a Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

As there are multiple stores owned by Robbins Brothers, there are multiple ratings and reviews on BBB.

Engagement Ring Jewelry On Robbins Brothers Final Verdict

If you’re looking for engagement ring with great cut and clarity, you need to look elsewhere. Being a reputable jeweler, Robbins Brothers can show you good rings too. But, unless you can see GIA certificates of the diamonds and compare it with other diamonds in the market before you make the final call. Their guarantees are worth checking out!

Ratings Of Engagement Ring Jewelry Robbins Brothers

– User Friendly

The website of Robbins Brothers is easy to navigate. It is user-friendly unlike their stores.

– Variety

You don’t find a wide variety of items on Robbins Brothers. If you want a classic design, you might find it here.

– Shopping Support

You can avail the phone chat or the email contact form as the live chat feature on the website doesn’t work.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


Accepts PayPal, Secure Global Sign, Diamond Council of America, Diamond Account and Jewelers of America.


Shipping details are not furnished on their FAQ.


Robbins Brothers does not offer private insurance. They offer financing options to buy the ring.

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