Simple to Understand differences between Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Simple to Understand differences between Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wedding band after the engagement ring or vice-versa. There are certain expert tricks to use when you’re digging up everything on engagement rings and wedding bands. Avoid costly errors by listening to our experts define Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings in detail. We’ve also added when to choose both the rings and the parameters to help you choose the best rings!

What are Engagement Rings?

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Engagement ring signifies the ‘yes’ of your beloved to your proposal to spend the rest of your life with each other.

Engagement as a ritual was first introduced by the Catholic Church by Pope Innocent III in the 15th century. But, it was DeBeers who popularized the glitz and glamour of a pricey diamond center-stone on the engagement ring. It was hyped as the ultimate trick to make a girl say yes to the proposal too. Now, every girl would at least pause if she is proposed with a hot and huge diamond engagement ring, right!

Most women choose to wear the engagement ring frequently than a wedding band, worn rarely. Hence, the limelight is always on the engagement ring. Engagement rings hold a status symbol for some and love for others.

When to Choose an Engagement Ring

When you’re ready to confess your love is not always the best time to propose your new girlfriend with a giant diamond ring for marriage. This is your life’s most important decision and you must think it through. When you’re ready to invite that special person into your life is the best time to propose.

·         Confess your Love

This is the traditional way to propose with an engagement ring because it was the oldest way of how proposal worked hundreds of years ago. You declare your love for the person with an engagement ring, proposing marriage as well.

·         Ready for Marriage

When you are sure Holy Matrimony is the best step for your relationship with your lady love, you can pick an engagement ring to surprise her. Propose away with the fanciest ring and a giant diamond if you’re already a couple!

What are the Core features of an Engagement Ring

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When you choose an engagement ring, you must follow the below 4 points to ensure your choice is excellent and lasts a lifetime. Remember, it is the epitome of your love!

·         Extravagance

Engagement rings are often picked for its glamorous look and most portray opulence. It is a symbol of your love, so go all the way!

·         Durability

Your engagement ring is going to stay with you throughout your marriage. Hence, it must sustain natural wear and tear. Assess if your choice of ring is fit for the same.

·         Comfort

Pick a ring you can work and wear comfortably because elsewhere, you might have too many accidents with the ring as well as disruptions during work.

·         Design

Your engagement ring will be asked about by many girlfriends and people around you. Choose something you can proudly show off!

What are Wedding Bands?

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Part of bridal sets, wedding bands are not just a fashion accessory for the bride. It represents the commitment to the marriage.

Wedding bands are less flashy than engagement rings and often chosen only when the wedding date is near. Another important thing to remember when choosing your wedding band is that it should complement the design of the wedding ring. We have met gorgeous women who fix wedding band and engagement rings permanently together too.

When to Choose a Wedding Bands

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An exclusive prop for the bride and groom at the ceremony, wedding bands are chosen only before the marriage. Experts suggest picking a wedding band at least 3 months before the wedding, in case you’re getting it customized.

The wedding band is worn on top of the engagement ring, on your left hand.

What are the Core features of a Wedding Band

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What makes wedding band different from an engagement ring? When should I wear it? Get all your questions about Wedding Bands answered now!

·         Classy

A wedding band must always have elegance and grace than fanciness to it. A subjective choice, classy wedding bands such as plain gold, platinum or silver wedding bands are the most common around the world.

·         Complementary

Your wedding band must be pairable with the engagement ring. You must check the wedding band on its own as well as with the engagement ring, in the right order to ensure it fits well on your finger. It’s a lifetime choice, remember!

·         Comfort

Ultimately, it’s all about comfort and ease of wearing the ring. If the prongs on the wedding band are pricking you, it is long due for a change.


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Engagement rings and wedding bands are very important. Are you sure how on the pros and cons of engagement rings and wedding bands? Ask us anything you aren’t sure about!

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