What do I need for the Perfect Engagement Announcement?

What do I need for the Perfect Engagement Announcement?

You wanna know what makes the best engagement ring party? Do it like the pros and use our perfect engagement announcement checklist below!

What do you do for an engagement party?

  • First things first, Set a Date for your engagement party!

Sit with your beau and decide the season you like to get married. Check the weather and climate ahead of finalizing!

  • Calculate an Estimate

You need to create budget listing all the things that get charged for making an engagement party.

  • Create a Guest List

Sit together with your beau, friends and family or parents to decide who to invite for announcing your engagement.

  • Get a Venue

Is there a venue in your mind? Else, round up the best destinations based on your wedding plans. Book early than have a late engagement!  

  • Get a Host

Traditionally, the parents of the bride must host the engagement party. But, you can assist it to cousins, friends or other family to suit the occasion.

  • Confirm the Menu

What are you serving? Do any of the guests have allergies? Are there vegans or pescatarians? Get your answers and expedite with the catering before the guests arrive.

  • Select the Décor

Depending on your dress, food or wedding theme colors, choose a décor including flowers and ribbons that complement you at the engagement party.

  • Send the Invites Early

Give at least two weeks for the guests to prepare and get ready for your engagement announcement. Hence, send the invites 1 month to 2 weeks before the date.

  • What about the gifts?

Typically, not many gifts are given on engagement party, but most probably you will get at least half a dozen. If you don’t want gifts, ensure to write this on the invitation. You can also send the name of a charity on the invitation and ask your guests to donate than, get a gift for you!

  • Get your Ring Cleaned

The big day is almost here. Your engagement ring is the spotlight of this whole occasion. In fact, you will be tired of showing your ring again and again to all the guests at your engagement announcement. So, get it cleaned professionally!

  • Order a gorgeous dress

It’s time to get your engagement announcement dress steamed. Choose wisely and get complementing dresses as a couple.

  • Make a Duty Card

On the day of the engagement announcement, brief the guests who have duties or make duty cards and distribute it readily to ensure the party runs smoothly.

5 Stunning Ideas for the Perfect Engagement Announcement?

·      Have it at the Place where he Proposed

For most couples, the place of the proposal is not an ordinary spot. It means a lot and is often selected with care. If your beau did planning for proposing, you can arrange your engagement party easily at the place of the proposal!

It will give a chance for you to relive the memorable past in front of the people you love the most.

·      Arrange a Ring Hunt

Have you ever played a treasure hunt? Ring hunt is quite similar! Well, it’s more similar to the easter egg hunt, actually.

All you need to do is get a bunch of plastic rings and hide it all around the engagement party venue. When the guests are ready to play, introduce ring hunt as the first challenge for them to crack. It will be interesting and fun, we promise!

·      Have it Where you Met First

Do you remember the place where you met first? Is it next to a bridge, brook or river? If it is a fancy place, booking your engagement party at the same place will work wonders. It will be nostalgic and another chance to tell your love story to the guests.

Are there other memorable places like where she said ‘I love you’ first or ‘where you kissed first’? Add it to the engagement venue party list to decide!

·      Get a Photo Station and Props

The best thing about an engagement party is that it brings together your family and friends. With everyone having camera phones these days, social media will be cluttered with tags. Instead of having bad photos, get a mini photo studio and photo props for the wedding. You will look like a star!

·      Memory Lane Movie  

Another brilliant way to entertain your guests like a charm is by playing a memory lane movie. You can set the photos and videos from the bride and groom’s life until the engagement and fill it with their favorite playlist. Isn’t that lovely?

Before you go …

You can even take wedding song requests at the end of your engagement party to have a bit of fun and planning at once! What would you do?

Still stuck on engagement party? Ask our experts with decades of experience planning engagement announcements!

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