Why get Independent Appraisal for Diamonds if you’re Smart

Why get Independent Appraisal for Diamonds if you’re Smart

Buying your diamonds from a credible seller is not enough if you want to buy an authentic diamond. You must head straight to the appraiser from the diamond shop with the rock to ensure you’re not cheated. We’ve compiled 8 crucial reasons why independent appraisal for diamonds is mandatory if you don’t want to lose money.

8 Outrageously REAL Reasons for Getting Independent Appraisal for Diamonds

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Why get an independent appraisal? What is the real benefit of diamond appraisals? How to avoid getting cheated by fishy diamond geezers? Get all your questions about an independent appraisal for diamonds answered NOW!

1.      Doubtful if the Jeweler is Cheating You

If you’re uncertain about the jeweler you’re buying from, the best trick in the book is to tell the jeweler you will be getting an independent appraisal for diamonds you buy. You will notice the jeweler scoot or switch once you show that you have a genuine appraiser with you.

As experts can determine the value of a diamond in precision in a matter of seconds, the jeweler will not try to cheat if you get an appraisal on your own.

2.      Assess the Real Value of the Rock

An appraisal can help you calculate the real worth of the diamond you bought. The appraiser uses top-rated equipment to assess the crystal structure of the stone you have. From diamond cut to carat, color and clarity, the certified appraiser analyzes the 4Cs of the diamond. This helps in inferring the correct market value of your rock as well. Moreover, diamond appraisal shows you the value of the diamond unlike grading report that shows but the physical traits of the diamond.

3.      Insure your Precious Rock

Another important reason why appraising the diamond is important is if you’re insuring your precious buy. Insurance requires you to submit an appraisal report for the diamond. An approximate assessment is that the appraiser offers a $100 rider directly for the insurance company.

Appraising the rock keeps scams and fraudulent losses out of the way for you a well as the insurance company.  Moreover, appraising independently prevents the jeweler inflating the value of the stone, which can directly increase your insurance premiums annually.

4.      Get Unbiased Grading Report

If you think the appraiser appointed by the jeweler is connected with the jeweler, bias can exist. To keep away the doubts and frauds, it is best to seek an appraiser that neither you nor the jeweler knows.

Another important reason to get an independent appraisal for diamonds owes it to the lack of qualification. The legal procedure for appraising a stone is using the certified master kit that includes five graded diamonds. Ask if the appraiser uses the same or other equipment. Remember, low grade equipment can lead to errors in appraising.

5.      Avoid Switching Stones Scams

A commonly seen scam by jewelers is switching the diamond jewelry to cheat the buyer. They do so by showing you a high quality stone and offering a free appraisal. However, you do not get the same stone as appraised as they switch it with a lower value stone when packing the loose diamond for you. Getting an independent appraisal after you buy the diamond can prevent switching diamond scam.

6.      Appreciate Superlative Craftsmanship

If you’re a real fan of diamonds and diamond jewelry, the companionship or knowledge of the appraisal can help you select superior quality diamonds. Unless you are super-wise about diamonds, identifying the nuances of diamonds to notice special stones is not acquired. Moreover, diamond vendors promote the stone by exaggerating its values. You can assess the same by getting the diamond appraised independently.

7.      Settlement and Justice for Fraudulent Selling

In case the jeweler cheated you with a lower value or switched stone, you can seek justice by getting the stone you bought appraised independently. Hence, ensure that you walk straight to the appraiser whenever you’re buying a diamond. You might get ripped off with a 70% diamond sale online and the only way to realize in that case and file a case is by getting an independent appraisal at once.

8.      You wish to Sell your Jewelry

When you are thinking of selling diamonds you own, estimates are important. You cannot sell the diamond as the price you bought as the cost per carat may have ascended or descended. The best way to assess the value of your diamond is not by word-of-mouth or myths, but with a detailed appraisal. Any diamond with appraisal report older than 2 years, must be re-appraised to ensure you infer the value of the stone in the current market.

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Are you clear why independent appraisal for diamonds is a must. It will save you from getting ripped off as well as losing your money. If you’ve any questions about diamond appraisals, shoot us a question in the comments below.

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