Good Old Gold Engagement Rings Review

Good Old Gold Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety of diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Update: The website is currently updated, so we’ve updated the review and TBH; the website looks better than before. Kudos GoodOldGold!

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on GoodOldGold in 70 words?

Do you know those 70’s style movies? When all looks authentic and old? Well, welcome to Goodoldgold online! I feel like I’m traveling in time when I go to that site. When I first searched online for diamonds, I was excited as a baby boy getting a candy, when I saw Goodoldgold, I thought: “what the F*** is this?” I hope that their engagement rings look better than their website.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on GoodOldGold in 59 words?

Goodoldgold puts their client’s knowledge at the top of their priorities! Getting deeper and deeper while searching for the perfect engagement ring, I feel like I stepped in a diamond college, it makes me pleased. It seems that Goodoldgold are trying to get your mind settled with all the information there is, before making a diamond ring decision.

Goodoldgold facts:

Founded 1982 by John Weingarten, Goodoldgold is a  retailer of engagement rings and diamond rings, specializing in diamonds & gold, plus vintage pieces. Headquarters are located at  Sunrise Promenade, 5278 Sunrise Hwy, Massapequa Park, NY 11762, US.

 Is Goodoldgold a scam?

Goodoldgold has been around for over 30 years, satisfying lots of engagement rings shoppers and the most accessible research online and by foot, would open up a beautiful story of the reliable company, who has a massive amount of positive reviews. Goodoldgold appears on all social media networks, and some customer care programmes. Goodoldgold is not a scam!

Goodoldgold Full Review- The Diamond School

Goodoldgold is what I call the classic neighborhood shop from NYC, which took that big step into the big online world. Goodoldgold does its best to make us visitors diamonds pro, (don’t you already feel better?) and yes, you can find there all there is to know! Personally, I am a bit disappointed in Goodoldgold website, after visiting dozens of them; it really looks like the company is still living the 90’s. However, there really is a good score for putting educational stuff even higher than buying links. Anyhow, when I went online at first to find my B E A U T I F U L fiancé an engagement ring, I thought Goodoldgold was a fraud… it really looks awful. Goodoldgold is really my prize winning for goodwill and customer ignorance savers, unlike going to a store on Broadway street and might realize that you have just been scammed. Goodoldgold would save you’re a**. With a great 2014 (or even 2010) designer, I believe Goodoldgold would be graded higher, much higher.

My final conclusion

Goodoldgold is a hot and homey online shop which allows you to first learn about what you are about to shop. I put this educational part as a plus on my review, with reasonable prices I believe anyone can reach his favorite engagement ring. Have no fear, Goodoldgold is real!

Goodoldgold Ratings

User-Friendly 14/20

Goodoldgold, as its name, has a fundamental website, creating a family atmosphere as you get to see face to screen the crew you are about to consult with. The website has some very quick links in the landing page, which allows you to have a tour and learn some about diamonds, or go straight ahead for choosing one.

Variety of diamonds 12/20

Goodoldgold is a medium size website, offering about 400 different diamonds, along with dozens of settings and rings. That was before, they have now grown to over 20K diamonds within just a handful of years. GoodOldGold has an excellent variety of diamonds right now on the store. 

Customer Shopping Support 17/20

No surprise under this issue, a live chat is available during business hours; later on, an e-mail is required for any consultant. I must mark an exciting video service, allowing you to watch a movie of your own diamond, before it is being set and polished, along with getting answers to any question you had sent in prior.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

Shipping is immediate via FedEx inside or outside the US. Payment is available with a credit card and bank transfer. All diamonds are offered to be held by Goodoldgold for 72 hours, by depositing 500$ until making the final payment.

Returns, Refund, and Trade in 14/20

A 15 or 30 days return policy is available, trade- up is available for equal or more expensive diamonds, less the shipping fee. A buyback system is available for the price of the diamond, minus 25%.

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