Nathaniel Diamonds Rings Review

Nathaniel Diamonds Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Shoppers Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Nathaniel Diamonds in 78 words?

Since its foundation in 1997, the diamond rings market has been through some changes; it only seemed to us that Nathaniel Diamonds have been made only a few adjustments. For starter, it seems that the Nathaniel Diamonds website is unfashionable, loaded with words and descriptions, though important policies are not easy to find. To go on with, we believe that happy customers as well as unpleased customers, often share their experiences online, which we had a hard time tracking.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Nathaniel Diamonds in 51 words?

As the New York’s diamond district is full of different jewelers, as well as online diamond stores, jewelers and agencies, we believe in doing business in person. Nathaniel Diamonds appear to be one of those small businesses, where every customer would get the personal attention required for an engagement ring deal.

Nathaniel Diamonds Facts:

Nathaniel Diamonds is an online and scheduled showroom of engagement rings, located at  36 W 47th St, NY, USA. Nathaniel Diamonds specializes in 14kt, 18kt and platinum diamond rings. The President and Designer of Nathaniel Diamonds is Boris Davidov has been in the jewelry business since 1980.

Nathaniel Diamonds – The Full Review:

Nathaniel Diamonds is the online store of an over three centuries working New York jeweler, who put himself online. Nathaniel Diamonds began with a one-man show and now has over 20 employees, all working in the on-site workshop and show room in New York.

Nathaniel’s website claims to have over five thousand different types of jewelry, though we stopped counting at a little less, we can agree on that. Nathaniel Diamonds are the manufacturers and distributors, aiming that the intermediary commission cuts all prices. We have three issues of which concern us about Nathaniel: at first, it seems that the online website is not updated (for example on 2015, we believe that the business is alive for a little more than 20 years, closer to 35 J). To continue with some disagreements and disputes with customers about final quality- which in their motto is mentioned as a top-5 must have.

Nathaniel Diamonds Customers Complaints:

We have looked for some online reviews, forums, complaints, as well as approached some customer care and business protection programs. It seemed to us, that either no online customer buy from Nathaniel Diamonds, or they imply their clients to avoid any common forums or wedding and jewelry review websites other than their own online website.

Is Nathaniel Diamonds a Fraud?

Though seems old fashioned and not updated, the Nathaniel online store and on-ground showroom and workshop, is real. We base our review, considering the company’s financial activities, present and past customers, some other internet analysis methods and a stride. Nathaniel Diamonds are legit and we would recommend paying a visit.

My Final Conclusion:

With some low ratings on customer care programs (only C+ on BBB), we find Nathaniel Diamonds as a small online and showroom retailer, who you should take into consideration while committing a purchase. We recommend on visiting Nathaniel and suggest on using as a pre-caution if making a buy.

 Nathaniel Diamond’s Ratings

User Friendly 12/20

We find this online diamond rings, engagement rings and other jewelries a bit not up to date, considering the loaded words on most topics, the not so good design of the landing page and the medium quality of presenting items.

Variety of Diamonds 14/20

Taken to be the largest variety online diamond ring shop, we find NathanielDiamonds middle way, compared to the big sharks or even medium size companies.

Customers Shopping Support 17/20

We liked the leave a massage option, unlike other companies, there are no confirmation mails for applying an e-mail. An online chat is not available at any time and of course, there is a phone number, according to business hours. Showroom appointments are by schedule only, with no online option.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 19/20

Shipping is always free by FedEx, within the US and outside, and insured by the sender. As for payments, Nathaniel accepts PayPal and’s credit cards, apple wallet etc.,.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 16/20

Just like most online diamond websites, Nathaniel’s offer a 30-days refund, other than that, we could not find any information regarding lifetime warranty or trade-in.

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