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Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Orogem In 350 Words?

One of the most sought after online diamond geezers, Orogem is the master of wedding jewelry. Here are our reasons why buying your engagement ring from Orogem is recommended:

  • Signature Earpins:

Having been 4 decades since the release of ear pins, Orogem now has a diverse collection of showroom pieces that are magnificently designed as well! It was the son of Orogem’s founder, José “JJ” Porcell who designed the first of its kind of Ear Pin jewelry in 1986. This was more than an earring because any woman with or without an ear piercing could now wear the ear jewelry.

  • 30-Days Refund:

This is feature is the proof of Orogem’s honesty to its customers. It provides a trustworthy 30-Day money back policy for all its jewelry shoppers. If you have received a wrong item, of which the packaging has been tampered with, you must immediately call the Orogem customer care to activate your insurances and process the easy returns as well as a replacement.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every engagement ring and wedding jewelry sold on Orogem online portal, is subject to the Limited Lifetime Warranty. This policy covers the defects of craftsmanship in the product for a lifetime!

Albeit, the warranty is not responsible for the natural wear ‘n’ tear of your jewelry. However, if there is a defunct in craftsmanship, you can send your jewelry by mail for Repairs and Service. However these have to be sent with a mandatory ‘Proof of Delivery’ and ‘insurance’ that tracks the packages too.

  • Fast shipping:

For popping the question or for your hurried wedding day, Orogem’s speedy Standard shipping policy resolves all the trouble. Guaranteed to ship within two days from the confirmation order, this policy makes Orogem the optimum diamond geezer for the nuptials.

  • Half Pair Match Request:

In case you have lost your half a pair of Orogem jewelry, the company also provides Half Pair Match request. All you have to do is send your half jewelry ot Orogem, to which they will respond and confirm the order. The order will be ready in 1-2 weeks.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Orogem In 150 Words?

You must not purchase your engagement ring on Orogem if you need the shipment immediately (Express Delivery). As all shipments delivered by Orogem is standard, all deliveries are dispatched after 2 days, provided the product is in the same showroom. If your order is totaled above $300, Orogem requests a necessary confirmation signature upon delivery of the item. If you choose to remove this alternative on your costly shipment (<$300), Orogem bears no responsibilities once the shipment is lost. If you disprove of Orogem protecting your treasured jewelry, you should surely stay off this diamond seller!

Orogem also provides no cancellation or amendments on shipped orders. In addition, Orogem bears no shipping charges for items sent for repairs and service. You must send an $8 draft or check addressed to Orogem when doing so as Orogem bears no shipping charges for the same.

Yet another reason not to buy from Orogem is, if you do not approve of the mandatory tax- 8.75% additional to the order on all shipments within the borders of California.

Orogem Corp. Facts:

Address: 3029 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91504, United States

Phone:+1 800-627-0277

Business Hours:

Wednesday 8:30AM–4:30AM
Thursday 8:30AM–4:30AM
Friday 8:30AM–4:30AM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 8:30AM–4:30AM
Tuesday 8:30AM–4:30AM

Began in early 1980 by Jose Porcell, Orogem became renowned after Junior Jose Porcell’s stellar ear pin designs were released in 1986. The Ear Pin concept was new and revolutionizing for all women, with or without painful piercings to wear beautiful ear jewelry. Since its hallmark design was released, Orogem has been on a steady rise to stardom. With the negligible or null rate of dissatisfied customers, Orogem also leads its customer feedback ratings.

Orogem is a family run diamond business, also popularly known as OG Corporation. Today, Orogem has hundreds of fine jewelry shops for gemmed bracelets, necklaces, engagement and wedding rings. Orogem also provides an exclusive custom design for special orders. These orders cannot be returned, but are covered under the Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Orogem- The Full Review:

Began over four decades ago, Orogem is currently one of the favorite and leading diamond geezers in the online jewelry market. From the umpteen satisfied verified customer reviews, Orogem is truly a gem. Orogem has a diverse collection of wedding jewelry engraved with different stones as well as in varied metals like gold or silver. It showcases stylish wedding rings from the 70s to the ingenious progressive varieties, each in magnificent detail and even with a model wearing the exact jewelry.

The jeweler also guarantees standard dispatch of the shipment within two days from the order confirmation. If the order is delayed, Orogem will also promptly notify you well in advance. Moreover, when you’re shopping with Orogem, you also gain the benefit of ordering any hour or any day of the year. Shipping charges are not covered under Orogem’s policies, however if you receive a wrong item, inform the customer service at Orogem. You will soon be notified about the mailing of a pre- paid Return shipping Label addressed to you for free returns.

Unlike most online jewelry sellers who require you to manually return the purchase, when shopping with Orogem, you can return the fabulous product hassle-free even via post! The condition is that your package should be insured and tracked to accelerate safe and speedy delivery without loss. Additionally, when returning an item, make sure to enclose a copy of your bill or proof of buying the jewelry at Orogem.

Unlike its counterparts, Orogem also provides 100% refunds for customers if returned within 30 days of shipping. The remittance to PayPal takes 3-14 days to process and the same applies for Credit card payments as well.

We have always wanted to say this about a diamond geezer’s quality, and now here it is: Orogem is flawless!

Orogem Customers’ Complaints:

Orogem is not accredited by Better Business bureau and to our surprise, there are no complaints registered on BBB against Orogem in the past three years. BBB lists Orogem as having been started in 1977 and titled Orogem Corporation. After our expert analysis of various diamond jewelry forums we could not find one negative remark against Orogem jewelry from a verified customer.

Being progressing straight since it’s founding, Orogem is the star diamond jeweler to buy your wedding earring from!

Is Orogem a Fraud?

Definitely Not!
Orogem is one of the best online diamond jewelers to buy ornaments for your wedding day! In fact, Orogem is one of the most sought after diamond geezer for its unique and irreplaceable craftsmanship and quality of the material.

Orogem Final Conclusion:

According to the unbiased weighing of the pros and cons by our diamond Generals, we declare Orogem wedding jewelry as the best in the market. The Ear Pin being a hallmark design of Orogem, we are mesmerized by its diverse collection and artistry. Orogem also provides exceptional customer service to its online buyers like no other!

Prices: Orogem has jewelry ranging from a $20.00 to $2000+.

Orogem Ratings

User Friendly 18/20

The website is idiot-proof and easy to navigate. A jewelry enthusiast can easily find scores of types of jewelry based on a comprehensive and in-depth look of the ornament through a hovering view with specifications of the weight, stones, dimensions, metal and design.

Switching through tabs is easy and the website provides fluff-free quality information about the products as well as many buying guides.

Variety Of Jewelries 18/20

Being an experienced diamond vendor, Orogem has zillions of designs under its sleeve of past decades of ornament craftsmanship. From gemmed earrings to necklaces, bracelets and an exclusive variety collection of pendants, birthstones and gift sets, Orogem is a one-stop Shoppe for anyone looking to buy trustworthy, flawless and treasured jewelry like never seen before!

Customers’ Shopping Support 17/20

Although Orogem does not provide a live chat feature as part of its shopping support, there are multiple options to contact the company directly. You can contact by directly mailing to the sales manager at sales (@) Orogem.com or via phone- 800-627-0277.

Payment, Shipping & Insurance 18/20

Payment: In case of online buying, you can complete your payment via PayPal or Credit card to confirm and order. Payments are charged only during shipment.
Shipping: Program provides one option, but this is trustworthy speedy shipping, provided that the product is in stock. However, if it is not, the customer services representatives will duly inform you and notify the date of expected delivery. As payment is not charged until you confirm this, the payment and shipping are truly straightforward.
Insurance: All orders <$300 are insured by Orogem. The firm also provides Limited Lifetime warranty which also includes a provision to add insurance and ‘proof of delivery’ to all shipments.

Returns Refunds and Trade- In 20/20

With effortless returns and 100% refunds, shopping with Orogem is truly stress-free. All the notifications regarding raising the ticket for returns and replacement are confirmed by a private mail to the customer, enclosing the delivery date. Take care to ship your damaged item within 30 days of receiving it, along with the proof of delivery and original packaging.

You can also return the jewelry by mail directly to Orogem at P.O Box 6070, Burbank, California. The non-refundable Orogem goods once purchased are the customized jewelry. Unless there is a defect due to craftsmanship, these goods will be charged for the services provided.

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