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Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Reeds In 70 Words?

If you are looking for a cheap diamond, then Reeds is surely not the Diamond Shop for you. With brilliant artistry like never seen before, Reeds provides a top-level design in engagement rings. You shouldn’t buy from Reeds because orders once shipped cannot be cancelled and the merchandise should be returned manually for refunds. In addition, for a 100% refund, you must return the item within 10 days of purchase.

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Reeds In 192 Words?

  • Ten Shipping Options: Reeds is well known for its unique, ten modes of Shipping. Namely Economy (10 Days), Standard (3-5 Days), Expedited (3 Days), Express (1-2 Days), Overnight (1 Day), PO Box Shipping (3-5 Days), FPO/ APO (7-14 Days) Alaskan Shipping, Shop Runner (Unlimited 2-Day Free Shipping) and Bongo International Shipping.
  • Certified by Gemological Institute of America: For the in-depth report of your precious stone purchase, Reeds jewelries are accompanied by genuine certifications.
  • Free Delivery: Reeds offers a free delivery of 2 days, on all orders regardless of their price.
  • Three Return Options: Most diamond geezers have a maximum of one return option, while Reeds provides three. They are, Returns by mail, shop runner membership or Bongo international orders within ten days of receiving the order.
  • Discounts: All pricings on Reed products are valid for corporate discounts if the parent company is registered as well.
  • Multiple Payment Options: From Bit coins to plastic, one can even use multiple payment modes when buying with Reeds.
  • Artistry: 80% of the verified customers of Reeds claim that most designs of Reeds are rare and unique in quality too!

Reeds Facts:

Reeds Jewelers is a Jewelry company ·
Reeds Jewelers is a U.S. retail jewelry company founded in 1946 by Bill and Roberta Zimmer in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Headquarters address is: Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
Founded: Wilmington, North Carolina, United States

Reeds- The Full Review:

Reeds, is ideal for anyone looking for a safe and efficient diamond seller for online purchases. The website is designed for effortless navigation as well as in-depth analysis of the showpieces. Customers can even track their order as well as ask for inquiries or even troubleshooting guidance of the efficient staff.

Reeds is an established diamond geezer with exemplary customer service and craftsmanship beyond doubt!

Reeds, also provides excellent diamonds Trade-In option to their customers as well as exclusive live chat feature where efficient staff answers questions related to diamond purchases. Being a family run site, the staff has a warm attitude towards the customers and always works the extra bit to ensure customer satisfaction. Another prominent feature exclusive to Reeds is that their diamonds are higher in affordability when compared to their counterparts. Clubbed with their multiple payments and ten-mode shipping, there is very little you have to worry about when shopping with Reeds!

Reeds Customer’s Complaints:

A BBB accredited business since 2011, this diamond vendor is rated A+ on Better Business bureau. In fact, out of three complaints registered against the establishment in the past three years, one has been resolved directly by Reeds.

Is Reeds A Fraud?

Definitely not! Reeds is an authorized diamond vendor that keeps a top rated relationship with all of its customers. We have also seen that Reeds has officially contacted and resolved scores of complaints on many verified purchases like even that on websites like trustpilot.

Our Final Conclusion Of Reeds:

Based on our unbiased diamonds experts, Reeds is a top quality engagement ring maker to perfect for your special day! According to our experts, Reeds has excellent Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, provides multiple, convenient shipping modes, effortless payment methods and 24/7 troubleshooting as well assistance. To us, Reeds is a diamond geezer not to miss for people with dreams about their engagement jewelry, because Reeds understands it like none else!

Reeds Ratings:

User friendly 19/20

Reeds online portal provides convenient navigation, exclusive diamond specific images and genuine certifications for the customer to decide on a finer choice of jewelry. The website is packed with Tips, Guides and Sparkling gems as well as their certifications in unique shapes and sizes, such that finding the perfect fit is effortless!

Variety Of Diamonds 17/20

The wedding specific rings are usually customized as Reeds has stellar artisans. The popular designs of wedding and engagement variety from Reeds Jewelry Inc. are unique are totaled to 708, apart from endless customizing options even available online. The options available to customize your wedding ring online is providing with these parameters: engagement theme, stone, carat, metal, gender, designer and budget types.

Customer’s Shopping support 18/20

The website provides a 24/7 live chat feature that took less than 1 second to connect us directly with their official staff. The learned staff also helped us with the detailed walk-through to make a stellar engagement purchase thereafter!

Payment, Shipping & Insurance 17/20

Payment modes available when buying with Reed are bit coins and Reeds Credit Card. Reeds Professional Insurance Replacement is exclusive to Reeds and provides for direct insurance replacements.

Returns Refunds and Trade- in 17/20

Reeds provide 100% refund when an item is returned within ten days of purchase. This diamond geezer also provides diamond trade-in options as well as exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Three Refund options from Reeds are via Shop runner, Bongo or Standard mail.

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