Union Diamond Engagement Rings Review

Union Diamond Engagement Rings Review

  • User friendly
  • Variety of diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why you shouldn’t buy your engagement ring on Union diamond in 46 words?

Union diamonds has created the impression of an outlet wholesale store, showing dozens of engagement rings on every page, makes the experience hard to focus. Some designing changes should be made in our opinion, right now it just seems too simple and a little down taking.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Union diamond in 50 words?

Union diamonds has a great customer service! I do not want to grade them in comparison to other online shops but I must say that they are the most professionals I have seen. Union diamonds have aimed themselves to be above all your wishes, and it seems to give us a pretty positive impression.

Union diamond “just expect more” Facts:

Union Diamond was founded on September 11th, 2001 (interesting date!). Originally performed as a jewlers distributer, and over the recent years has made the switch to become an engagement ring online shop for all end customers. The head office is located on Atlanta, GA, USA.

Is Union diamond a fraud?

Union diamonds is definitely not a fraud, union diamonds is definitely not a scam. All I can say is that a company who puts her customer favor on top of all other goals, there is no wonder for theur high scores at customer protection authorities.

Union diamond Customers Complaints:

Union diamonds customer, complain mostly about being unable to view diamonds easily through the website, along with diamonds that has been sold to other customers while purchased by one. Off course the sale had been canceled but no offer was given.

Union diamond – The Full Review:

Union diamonds is an Atlanta Georgia company, established (believe it or not) September 11th 2001. Union diamonds goal is to deliver all types of diamonds in reasonable prices everywhere. Union diamonds has a showroom that offers you the option to see in your eyes what they sell. I like a lot the union diamonds attitude, saying: “just expect more”, I believe that it allows us, customers, to imagine our desired dream about that diamond ring, and make it available to us for real. Union diamonds seem to offer a very large variety of diamonds, in reasonable prices. The union diamond online shop is easy to handle, with a very nice educational section. Union diamonds is applying for all the major customer protection services, and as for the environment, all their diamonds are conflict free.

My Final Conclusion:

Union diamond has really taken the business seriously, it seems that these guys know their job, with good customer service and a moderate but definitely not fancy shopping experience. We recommend a visit on Union Diamond.

UnionDiamond Ratings

User Friendly 15/20

Does Not sound as fancy as buying a diamond from the 5th avenue, but once you enter this Atlanta UnionDiamonds website, you will be kindly surprised to discover that everything you are looking for, is shown at the landing page, on the contrary, I could not retrieve other necessary information about shipment and payment, it took a while.

Variety Of Diamonds 18/20

It seems that UnionDiamonds has a large variety of diamonds and other jewelries, with many options of a do it yourself ring or choosing from some of the styles available in the website. More available are tennis bracelets, watches and others.

Customer Shopping Support 16/20

I really enjoyed Claire who made an effort of getting the right ring, shipping and everything I asked for, I would consider this as one of my better experiences online! It could get better with a 24/7 online chat but with Claire’s great answers I am satisfied for now

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

Payments are available at UnionDiamonds via all credit cards, whereas I was not able to find any information about shipping without Claire’s help, shipping within the US is available and insured.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 18/20

UnionDiamonds allow a basic 30-days refund, not the best there is but acceptable, once that period is over, you will have to rely on the warranty which is provided to you by government law, nothing above or beyond.

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